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Collaboration with Linköping University


LiU transferes knowledge out into the real world.

Linköping University creates competitiveness and prosperity through better dialogue and advanced cutting-edge research in close collaboration with industry, society and academia, nationally and internationally.

Our work has resulted in several successful spin-off companies, high profile collaboration projects and we have agreements with many highly rated universities across the world. 



National collaboration and innovation

The university is a driving force for the development of the whole region. Through our innovation office and business incubator, we ensure that new research and student ideas can be successfully commercialised.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss our work further please contact any of the following:

  • If you are a student:

Anna Jansson  anna.jansson@liu.se 
Tel: +46 13-28 8924

  • If you work in industry:

Johan Lilliecreutz  johan.lilliecreutz@liu.se
Head of the Innovation Office
Tel: +46 13-28 6990

  • If you area media representative or a member of the general public:

Göran Felldin  goran.felldin@liu.se
Tel: +46 13-28 1694

  • If you work in schools or educational institutions:

Jean-Michel Housset  jean-michel.housset@liu.se
Head of Student information and counselling
Tel: +46 13-28 2728

  • If you are an employee or researcher at LiU:

Gio Fornell  gio.fornell@liu.se
Tel: +46 13-28 8995

International interaction on education and research


Linköping University's internationalisation strategy is based on the vision of being "a driving force in a cosmopolitan region of knowledge". Establishing further contacts with strong international universities will strengthen the university’s education and research.

Activities that enable networking with strategically selected universities in order to build long-term and multi-dimensional partnerships are a priority. These networks form the basis for collaboration, in terms of both education and research. 


Education in English

Several international courses are available and more and more programmes and courses are taught in English. Each year approximately 2,000 foreign students study at Linköping and about 400 LiU students choose to study at a foreign university.


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