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New challenges at Almedalen

Tent full of people in 2014

Just like last year, LiU Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun welcomes all to the university’s seminars, where researchers will shed light on the challenges facing the welfare state. The agenda includes addiction, segregation, healthcare and fossil-free fuels.

Last year’s Almedalen Week attracted large crowds to LiU’s tent in the garden of the Clarion Hotel Wisby. Topics included the school system, migration and elderly care. This year the discussion shifts to four new social challenges.

”We say that innovation is our only tradition, and since we have worked closely with the surrounding community ever since our founding in 1975. For us it’s a natural step to explore the challenges facing our welfare,” says LiU Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun.

Professor Markus Heilig, who recently returned home from the United States to build up a centre for neuroresearch at LiU, will take us to the frontlines of addiction research, and what happens in our brains when we can’t resist the craving for drugs.

Peter Hedström, professor and director of the Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) at Campus Norrköping, will discuss how computers can help us understand the mechanisms behind segregation and xenophobia.

Researchers from the HELIX VINN Excellence Centre, Malin Tillmar, Elisabeth Sundin, Birgitta Sköld and Lena Högberg, will explore the latest research on healthcare as a business. Deregulation was supposed to foster innovation and female entrepreneurship, but this didn’t eventuate, according to the researchers.

The afternoon will be rounded off with a viewing of the film on LiU’s Creation Story, and a circular medley where Mats Eklund, professor of Environmental Technology and Management and Martin Karlsson, researcher in molecular biotechnology, along with a number of regional companies, will show how producers of alternative fuels such as rapeseed, ethanol, biogas and electricity can benefit from each other in order to advance the shift to fossil-free vehicle fleets.

The programme continues into the evening with the traditional alumni gathering.


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Monica Westman Svenselius 2015-06-24

Tough to find alternatives to cumbersome UN negotiations

The United Nations’ climate change negotiations are sometimes criticised for inefficiency and meagre results. But there are no obvious alternatives, according to two researchers from LiU in a study published in Nature Climate Change.

Farewell Ceremony 2015

Farewell to master’s graduates

Many people wanted to congratulate the graduates from LiU’s international master’s programmes at this year’s Farewell Ceremony.

Armenia learns from LiU

Next week, LiU welcomes 38 people from the education sector in Armenia. They are here to learn to write a National Qualification Framework adapted to the Bologna Process.

Printed biosensors

Biosensor at the Science Museum

If you are in London this summer take the opportunity to pop into the Science Museum where the printed biosensor, developed in collaboration between LiU Professor Anthony Turner and Acreo Swedish ICT, will be on show.

World leading hearing researchers gathering in Linköping

On 14-17 June expertise in hearing research will gather in Linköping for a conference on the importance of the brain when it comes to hearing.


New chance for silicon carbide LEDs

Research into white LEDs made from silicon carbide is gaining fresh impetus. It was the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) who acquired funding for the initiative that they are running in collaboration with LiU researcher Mikael Syväjärvi and others.

Anders Björn

Mathematics conference at LiU

Over a hundred mathematicians from around the world will meet in Linköping next week for a conference: ”We’re delighted to be able to host a major international conference,” says Anders Björn from the organising committee.

Logo, survey

Largely satisfied students

Student satisfaction at Linköping University as a whole continues to increase slightly. 84% of the respondents of the Student Questionnaire say that they are satisfied or very satisfied. But they would like to see a better physical environment on campus.

autonomous systems

LiU to lead billion-SEK investment in autonomous systems

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, various universities and companies will invest SEK 1.8 billion over an 11-year period on research and development of autonomous systems.

Jill Trewhella

Top researcher gives inaugural lecture

Professor Jill Trewhella, structural biologist from the University of Sydney, will further strengthen LiU’s strong research profile over the coming year. This Thursday she gives a public lecture.

Signing an agreement

Joint programme with top university

Today, Thursday, saw the signing of the first agreement on a new joint postgraduate programme between LiU and Nanyang Technological University, NTU, in Singapore.


Rid of insomnia after online CBT

Insomnia is not only a symptom of another illness, but often actually a problem in itself that is important to treat.

Anna Malmquist

Lesbian couples encounter prejudice in healthcare

Lesbian families in Sweden today live settled family lives, with legislation that has strengthened their position in recent years. But a new thesis shows how they still encounter prejudice in dealing with things like healthcare and social services.

Child surfing on the internet

Young people meet buyers of sex via the net

For young people not doing well in life, the likelihood is great that the internet becomes an area for sexual contacts. For some, that knowledge leads them to start selling sex.

Sara Liin

‘Tuned-up’ fatty acids - cure for cardiac arrhythmia?

In a new study, LiU researchers show how fatty acid variants can open an ion channel that is very important for the heart, thereby reducing the risk of arrhythmia.

Child surfing on computer

Not the best babysitter

Surfing on computers or tablets is not harmful to children, but the youngest children learn most through social interaction, according to LiU professor Mikael Heimann.

UN role play at LiU

This weekend was LiU’s first-ever MUN, also known as Model UN or UN role play. MUN is an educational simulation where participants learn about the UN’s work, diplomacy and international relations.

LiU’s new logo and graphic identity

New look for LiU

Today is the launch of LiU’s new logo and graphic identity. The abbreviation LiU will feature more prominently, and the Swedish name for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, ”Hälsouniversitetet”, will now make way for ”Medicinska fakulteten”.

LiU logo

Strong reactions to LiU’s new logo

The reactions to LiU’s new logo has led to numerous negative comments on social media, especially from students.

The inner city of Linköping

How Linköping will develop as a student town

An attractive city for more people. Greater university presence in the town centre. High-level summer jobs for students. Now there is a local action plan for how the university and student town of Linköping will be developed.

Tage Danielsson

Academic Anniversary Concert

As a student at LiU you are eligible to attend LiU’s anniversary concert on Sunday 24 May. It will include the world premiere of music written by Sweden’s most acclaimed young composer, Andrea Tarrodi.


SAS – national teams fighting in the air

Since the change to regulations in the airline market, SAS has been fighting for customers. In a new book, Hans Sjögren shows that both battles among the owners and problems in motivating their employees have contributed to making it difficult to keep the company airborne.

Ion pump

Ion pump gives the body its own pain alleviation

A small ion pump in organic electronics is giving new hope to people suffering from severe nerve pain. Researchers at LiU are the first in the world with technology that can stop pain impulses in living, freely moving rats.

Linda Olsson

Winding road to being fossil-free

“Having a fossil-free fleet of vehicles by 2030 means we have to find solutions to a range of problems that could lead to new problems. The decision-making structures we have today are ill-suited to this type of transformation,” explains Linda Olsson in her doctoral thesis.

Seminar poster

Increased collaboration with South Korea

Linköping University is increasing its contacts with South Korea. A delegation from LiU and five other Swedish universities recently visited the country to develop research collaboration and student exchanges.

Shaofang Gong

Next: The smart city

The technology exists; give us the problem and we’ll solve it. Professor Shaofang Gong and his research group reported the findings from the “Smart City with the Internet of Things” research project to a well-attended meeting.



Peo HansenPeo Hansen, professor of Political Science at REMESO, recently attended an OECD meeting on the EU’s policy for labour migration to Europe.


dancing in professorship

Jill Trewhella

Dancing and singing are no problem for new visiting professor Jill Trewhella.


children arriving alone

Annicka Lang

Annicka Lang, psychologist and doctoral student at LiU, lectures on the mental health of children who arrive alone to seek asylum.


visit from china

ChairChinese furniture enthusiasts recently visited Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies.


commencement 2015

Simin Nadjm-Tehrani Pomp, super-sized, at 2015 Commencement.


new graphic identity

Vice-Chancellor Helen DannetunLiU’s graphic makeover was introduced on all campuses.


a cakewalk

CakeThe 2015 SOF pleased both young and old. SOFistan was a hit.


space travellers visit

International space travellers watching film in the domeExperienced astronauts impressed by looking at pictures of space? Yes, it is possible.


international day

Mirheta Omerovic with a Swedish maypoleCrowded, fun and lots of food. iDay was a great success, as always.

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In brief

Top researcher award

Elin Good, PhD student in cardiology at the Faculty of Medicine, received the Young Investigator Award at the EuroPRevent congress in Lisbon this May.

LiU researchers win IEEE award

Professor Erik G Larsson, together with his PhD student Hien Q Ngo and Thomas L Marzetta, one of the honorary doctors of 2015, has been awarded the Stephen O Rice Prize in the Field of Communications Theory. The work they won the award for deals with efficient antenna systems, an important part of 5G.

Two Frame chairs

The Nobel Prize of the design world

Ola Giertz, furniture designer and alum of LiU’s Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, has won what is possibly the international design world’s most distinguished prize, the Red Dot Award, for his Frame chair.

LiU’s award winner in Nebraska

Philipp Kühne, postdoctoral researcher at LiU’s Semiconductor Materials Division, has been awarded the Lowe R. & Mavis M. Folsom Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award for his doctoral thesis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His thesis is titled The optical Hall effect in three- and two-dimensional materials. Kühne is now a researcher in Vanya Darachieva’s group, working on the development of new materials for ultra-fast electronics, including graphene.

Award-winning solar cell researchers

Olle Inganäs and Fengling Zhang have received the Thomson Reuters “World's Most Influential Scientific Minds” award. They are both professors at the Division of Biomolecular and Organic Electronics in the Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, where their research areas include organic solar cells.



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