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Career moves for international students

Linköping University (LiU) is continuing to intensify its efforts to support those international students interested in a prolonged career in Sweden. 

The initiative is part of LiU's efforts to recruit more international students and to assist them in finding a job in Sweden following the completion of their studies.

“We are improving our services in numerous ways. Many students are frustrated and are unaware as to how to find a job in Sweden; it's not that easy. Therefore we have translated all information to English regarding future careers. Our international students can have their CVs scrutinised and attend workshops to work practically with their CV.
This is, in part, a result of the focus groups we conducted where we asked our international students about their career expectations”, says Kristin Sjölander, study and career counsellor at LiU’s Career Centre.

During the autumn, LiU’s Career Centre organized three seminars related to career paths within Sweden for international masters students. Interest has been immense and several hundred international students participated.

“We are delighted that so many chose to attend. When we held similar seminars for the Swedish students, the interest was not as great,” says Kristin Sjölander.

During the three workshops various aspects of the Swedish labour market were highlighted.

Roshan MalalatungaEarlier last autumn, Roshan Malalatunga, General Manager at Scandic Hotels, talked about his career in Sweden. He came to Sweden from Sri Lanka in 1994, studied economics, remained ever since and has achieved increasingly more elevated positions. Self-drive, hard work, luck and good management have led to his current job as General Manager for three hotels.

“You have to work hard, but also correctly. I've always been the type of person who wanted to achieve results and find new ways to improve things. I learned Swedish early, as soon as I arrived in Sweden,” says Roshan Malalatunga. 
"Learning Swedish is paramount if you want a good professional career in the hospitality industry in Sweden,” he emphasizes.

Now he has a wife and children and expects to remain in Sweden, however a career in another country is not an unthinkable proposition; possibly London or another major city sometime in the future.

“Sweden is a good and safe country to live in. So it will be a while before my family and I move somewhere else.” He explains.

During November, representatives of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise lectured on how to seek employment in Sweden and the make up of regulatory frameworks and corporate cultures. In December, the telecommunications company Ericsson visited LiU and illustrated those skills Swedish companies demand.

Sandhya MudduluruSandhya Mudduluru from India has just completed her masters in computer science at Linköping University. Last spring, she visited a job fair at the university and was persuaded to participate in a contest arranged by various companies. Mudduluru did so well in the competition that Ericsson offered her a position to complete her thesis work. Now she has also been given a permanent job at Ericsson as a designer for a department that works with developing software for, among other things, GSM.

“When I came to Sweden my plan was to remain here, at least for several years. Opportunities to get jobs in Sweden exist if you really make an effort,” Mudduluru claims.

Now that she has decided to stay, she will focus on learning Swedish, even though, up to this point, she has coped well speaking English.

“If you can master the language it makes it easier, both at work and within the society at large.”

She is very satisfied with her studies at Linköping University.

Mudduluru explains, “The education is of a high quality and both theoretical and practical knowledge are achievable. It is something I really appreciate. Since we participate in practical exercises this, in turn works to better consolidate the theoretical knowledge.

Eva Bergstedt 2011-12-20

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2012‑01‑16 14:42
Hi Josephine

Thank you for your comment.
Here is the link to the Master's studies in Computer Science http://www.liu.se/en/education/master/programmes/6MICS?l=en. Contact them direct.

Good luck with your application.


Darren J. Hughes
International Editor - Communications Office
2012‑01‑13 17:52
Dear Sir/Madam,

After reading news about LIU, It is very interresting to hear from you those informations. I would like to apply for my girl who has finished the bachelor degree in computer science in Uganda to continue in Master's degree at LIU, and I in Lifelong leaning as I am working for UNESCO in Capacity developpement in Education For All, especially in literacy as Provincial officer.

Best regards

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