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Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Foto Nedzad Mesic.


nobel light

Nobel light saves energy

Thanks to this year’s Nobel Prize winners in Physics we now have low energy, cheap and bright lamps that can, for example, be run on solar cells. And at Linköping University world-leading research is being carried out on blue LEDs – in close collaboration with two of the prize winners.


gerhard andersson

Therapy online as good as face to face

Internet-delivered therapy is gaining ground – it has been proven helpful against arachnophobia, tinnitus and depression. At the forefront of this research field is LiU Professor Gerhard Andersson.






LiU written in molecules

Two hundred years ago, thermodynamics was applied to increase the efficiency of steam engines. Now, the research is scaled down to the molecular level, with the objective of developing materials for gas storage, nanosensors, molecular machines and thermal insulators.

Placenta protects foetus from mother’s immune system

The immune system of the mother-to-be is a deadly threat to the foetus, and must therefore be weakened during pregnancy. New research shows that this adjustment is controlled by the placenta.

Research on cultivated cells may be flawed

Cells grown in the laboratory behave very differently from cells in the body. Research at Linköping and Edinburgh shows that after just a few days the change is so great that it can affect the interpretation of a study.


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