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Stress research can advance animal husbandry

Per Jensen, professor, and Hanne Lövlie, assistant professor, investigate what it is that shapes and guides the personality of fowl, and how stress affects their behaviour. Knowledge that can advance animal husbandry.

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Finnish war children on their way home to Finland

New perspective on Finnish war children

The number of foster homes in Sweden doubled when seventy thousand Finnish children were evacuated during the Second World War. LiU researchers are now looking at how it was possible to mobilise so many homes in so short a time, and how separating children from their parents was viewed.


Solving the mystery of purring

The linguist Robert Eklund has researched how people speak while they inhale. But for the past few years, what has really taken his breath away has been how felines purr during both inhalation and exhalation.




Many genes behind the chicken’s comb

The red combs of roosters and hens are well-known examples of sexual ornamentation – decorations that attract a partner for reproduction. But in order for the strategy to work over the long term, the ornament has to be linked to a characteristic that gives an advantage in the struggle for existence.

Zoran Sjanic

GPS is not everything

To be able to navigate reliably and without support from the global positioning system GPS is crucial both for fighter planes and for peaceful aerial vehicles on rescue operations. Zoran Sjanic has a solution.

Urban social justice movements - what chance do they have?

Megafonen (The Megaphone) and Pantrarna (The Panthers) are examples of new social movements that are growing up among youth in the suburbs, most often among youth with immigrant backgrounds. They are working against the dismantling of the welfare state and for the regeneration of the suburbs. They are a new form of organisation, according to researchers at REMESO.


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