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The students of Linköping University (LiU) come from all over the world and you, our alumni, can be found on every continent. You are making dream works in Hollywood, building higher education in Rwanda, doing business in London, introducing biogas in Chennai and developing software in Shanghai, just to name a few. You are all bringing new knowledge and expertise to society. Fostering wealth and sustainable development is the core mission of LiU. Our alumni are at the center of this.

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Future events

For information about upcoming international alumni events, please contact alumni@liu.se


Singapore alumni event 2015
One of our latest international alumni events: Singapore, 2 November 2015.


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"Linköping university gave me the tools"

One of our international alumni, Mr Jesus Mascareno, shares his experience.


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’Tis the season to be travelling (Maria Karlberg, 2015-09-14)

This autumn, LiU will be present at international education fairs in China, Brazil, Turkey, India and the UK. Hoping, as always, to get the best people interested in studying at our university. We will have good help from several wonderful alumni, who will join us at the fairs to answer questions [...]

Welcome all new international alumni! (Maria Karlberg, 2015-06-12)

Yesterday, we said goodbye to the international master’s graduates at Linköping University’s annual Farewell Ceremony. And, more importantly, welcomed all our new alumni! It was a fine summer’s day and many graduates had families joining them from around the globe. During the ceremony, the graduates [...]

10 Ways to Succeed as a Young Professional (Maria Karlberg, 2015-05-19)

Guest blogger: Juliette Ramberg de Ruyter, Sweden, LiU alumna with a Master of Arts in Education I graduated from Linköping University fall 2014 with a Master of Arts in Education and decided to try my academic wings internationally. Two weeks later I found myself working for the biggest NGO in the [...]

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SI Alumni at the ISTR Conference in Stockholm (sialumniteam, 2016-06-28)

  The International Society for Third-Sector Research 2016 conference takes place in Stockholm this year and SI sponsored 6 talented alumni, who were invited to present. The invited alumni are:  Taras Butchenko, Ukraine; Nataliia Dmytrenko, Ukraine; Monserrat del Carmen Gonzalez Espinosa, Mexico; [...]

The King of Sweden Meets with Alumni in Bhutan (sialumniteam, 2016-06-27)

Wednesday 8 June, the royal family of Sweden touched down in Bhutan for the first official state visit between our countries. During the visit, His Majesty had the opportunity to meet with SI alumni in Bhutan. For more info about the state visit, click here!

Glad Midsommar! (sialumniteam, 2016-06-23)

The SI Alumni team wishes you all a great Midsummer weekend! We hope you’ve found some way to celebrate this peculiar Swedish holiday wherever in the world you might be! If you need any tips or instructions for how to celebrate Midsummer like a Swede, Sharing Sweden and Sweden.se has a plethora of [...]

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Farewell Ceremony

FarewellFestive annual ceremony for students graduating from international master's programmes

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LiU News


Brain activity

Softwares for fMRI yield erroneous results

Common statistical methods used to analyse brain activity through images taken with MRI scanners cannot be trusted, as shown by Anders Eklund and Hans Knutsson of Linköping University, and Thomas Nichols of the University of Warwick, in the highly-ranked journal PNAS.

Maria Engelmark

New Director of International Relations

Maria Engelmark, head of studies administration at Kristianstad University, will become the new Director of International Relations at Linköping University. She will take office on 18 August.

Solar cells on window

Organic solar cells: coming soon near you

Organic printed solar cells will soon be in a window or a bag near you. In “Sunflower”, the recently-concluded EU project, researchers and businesses brought the technology a great deal closer to our everyday lives.

Olle Ingnäs

Solar cell première

Printed organic solar cells produce electricity from several of the windows at Tekniska verken in Linköping. Professor Olle Inganäs and his research group are leading the development towards the sustainable energy sources of the future.

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