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new student 2015

Education at Linköping University

Linköping University is a research-based university with a reputation for innovation in education and cross-disciplinary studies. We have an international perspective in our research and education and we were ranked among the best 3% of world’s universities.

Our international students are highly satisfied, according to the past International Student Barometer (ISB) surveys conducted among nearly 200 higher education institutions across the globe.

We offer internationally recognised higher education in English from bachelor to PhD level. Our wide range of courses and programmes cover broad areas such as: engineering, computer science, environmental studies, natural sciences, education and social sciences.

Most single-subject courses are provided within the frame of exchange studies. At master level we have over 20 international programmes that meet the international standards of higher education.

LiU news

Mad cow disease

Blocked prions can prevent cell death

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, mad cow disease and scrapie are brain diseases for which there is currently no cure. But now, with the aid of a particular molecule, LiU researchers may be able to prevent destructive prions causing cell death in the brain. This could pave the way for a cure.


Galantis to play at Kalas

The Swedish dj duo Galantis will perform at this year’s Kalasmottagningen, the welcome ceremony for new students on 2 September.

The TQ1 fibres (red) with live embryonic chicken cardiomyocytes growing on it (green).

Fluorescent material reveals how cells grow

Fibre from a semiconducting polymer, developed for solar cells, is an excellent support material for the growth of new human tissue, researchers at LiU have shown in Advanced Functional Materials.

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