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Course List Semester 3 (Autumn 2015)

Strategy - Classic and Contemporary Views, 15 credits

"Strategy - Classic and Contemporary Views" is a course with "roots" in international business strategy and corporate strategy. The course presents different aspects of strategy and strategic issues. Not just straightforward and unambiguous answers. In a complex and ambiguous world it takes more to act successfully. The field of strategy is sometimes divided according to three interrelated dimensions; Content, concepts and context. This course will focus on content, or the "what" of strategy, i.e. different concepts of and approaches to competitive advantage and value creation.

The aim of the course is to enhance students’ capabilities to act and work in contemporary and future organizations. A course ambition is to educate discerning consumers of strategic thought, i.e. students able to reflect upon fads and fashions and achievements of management research and writings. The students will be expected to: Reproduce central strategic concepts and thoughts as well as the development of the field of strategic management. Illustrate and explain differences and similarities between major ways of strategic thinking. Make use of models and concepts. Differentiate between and select appropriate theories and models for different situations. Be able to compare, relate and synthesize thoughts and elements from different schools of strategic thinking. Evaluate and make judgements about strategies and ideas on strategy.

Innovation & Project Management, 15 credits

This course takes its point of departure in the knowledge-based theory of the firm to suggest that the ability of firms to integrate the knowledge of various specialists is vital for innovative and new product development activities to be successful. From such a point of departure research on knowledge integration in and between development projects are discussed. Further, the particular challenges of project-based organizations, which are commonly used to organize innovative and new product development activities, are discussed.

So far, the focus has been one innovation and new product development which takes place within the boundaries of a single firm. However, during the last decade many firms have opened up their innovative activities to include e.g. customers, suppliers or even competitors and we therefore discuss the implications of this development and particularly discuss and analyze different kinds of collaborative R&D projects and how they can be governed and coordinated.

Advanced Consumer Marketing, 15 credits

This course takes an integrative approach on consumer marketing with a focus on the interface between market communication, consumer behaviour and product design. Thus, the aim of the course is to present a contemporary theoretical base for mechanisms that guide the customer perceptions, choices and loyalty which facilitates students’ understanding of applications and decisions in consumer marketing in today’s business environment.

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