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Course List Semester 2 (Spring 2015)

Business Finance, 7,5 Credits

Management Control Systems, 7,5 Credits

The central focus in the course is how managers implement strategies and control an effective and efficient use of resources in order to achieve the organizational goals. In particular the course provides insight and analytical skill to design management control systems and how to plan and control the firm's performance.

The course will focus on three important perspectives of management control.
First the management control environment that will help us to understand strategies and behaviour in organizations. We will also learn how to design responsibility centers and goal congruent tranferprices. Then the focus will be on the management control processes with strategic planning, budgeting, and analysing. In this section we will go deeper into the problems of performance measurement and management compensation. Finally we will study variations in management control such as different strategies, service organizations, multinational business and projects.

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Perspectives on Human Resource Management, 7,5 Credits

This course will develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of Human Resource Management (HRM) from different perspectives and in different contexts. The basic assumption is that HRM is central for any business context, and this particular side of management will be illustrated from various angles. The students will be introduced to the HRM concept, its background and definitions, and to fundamental schools within the HRM field of research. We will then pay particular attention to four perspectives. The first two perspectives relate to HRM in specific organisational contexts: (1) Project-based organisations and (2) Public organisations and non-profit organisations. The last two perspectives relate to HRM in a wider societal and international context: (3) International HRM, and (4) HRM and societal trends.

Term Paper/Project, 7,5 Credits

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