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"Linköping University is the best, so you should go there"

The story behind me choosing Linköping University is quite interesting. During my bachelor degree, I wrote a dissertation which focused on 3G technology and I often used a database on Linköping University’s website. This really helped my understanding of the subject. I was very impressed with the website, at the time it was one of the best in my subject area.  

Serkan Demir

LiU alumnus helped make decision

After graduating from my undergraduate programme I worked at Ericsson Turkey where I worked with Anders Lindblad the then head of Ericsson Turkey and current President and CEO of Ericsson, Middle East & Africa. He was instrumental in bringing the MSc in Communications Systems to my attention. Anders is a graduate of the programme himself. Working with him in Turkey made me realise that I wanted to create technology, not just operate it. I told him I wanted to continue my career in R&D so Anders strongly recommended the master’s programme at LiU to help me achieve this aim. 

Everything was different about Sweden compared to Turkey, but I think I’m a fairly relaxed person and took it all in my stride. Sweden is a global leader in terms of telecommunication technology and Linköping University is right at the forefront so it felt great to be learning in this environment. The standard of living in Sweden is also very high and this reflected in the facilities available at Linköping University. I also spoke to my professors at undergraduate level and they all told me, yes there are several good Swedish universities but in your field Linköping University is the best so you should go there.  

The benefit of strong industrial ties

I felt that Linköping University really stood out with its strong industrial relations. What we learnt was not just theoretical, but had a base in real work. This is also evident in the high-tech laboratories at LiU. The project course was a collaboration with Ericsson research and really helped me get an introduction to the Research department at Ericsson. Being in a professional environment also helped me with writing my thesis. I sometimes feel academia can be lost in theory but this close link with industry made us more practical, I felt like an engineer rather than just a student. 

I also really appreciated the guest lecturers on the programme. They came from companies such as Skype, Spotify, Volvo and Ericsson and I felt were an important part in enabling us to see the real work being done, we did not just get information from a book. This is one of the benefits of studying in Sweden, so many global leaders in telecommunications are here.  

It was obvious at recruitment fairs how highly regarded Linköping university students were by prospective employers, they respected LiU graduates and really wanted to work with us. This is also reflected in the high numbers of LiU graduates who find employment shortly after graduation. The majority of Ericsson managers here at the Kista office where I work are LiU graduates, something that speaks for itself I think.

Looking back with an eye on the future

As for the future, I would like to expand my subject area into perhaps business administration. The ultimate dream would be to follow in the footsteps of Anders Lindblad, a fellow LiU graduate, who completed an MBA before working in various managerial positions at Ericsson. He was such a source of inspiration.

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