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Working With The Real Documentary Film History, Theory and Practice, advanced, 30 hp

At the conclusion of the course, students will have an understanding of the different modes of representation available to the maker and how they relate to documentary film history. Finally, students will understand how the ‘digital revolution’ has opened up new possibilities. (Although not required, submission of prior work in film making (documentary or otherwise) would be of interest in determining eligibility for the course. If you do not meet the specific requirements in any other way see specific requirements below. Links to material online are acceptable. Send any other material (e.g. dvds, tapes, etc.) directly to the department).

Nivå: Avancerad nivå
Kursansvarig institution: Institutionen för studier av samhällsutveckling och kultur
Kontaktpersoner:  Ulrika Sund, 011-36 31 93, ulrika.sund@liu.se
 Mike Jarmon, 0739-81 26 54, mike.jarmon@liu.se

Särskilda förkunskapskrav: At least three years of undergraduate studies and at least 60 ECTS credits in media production or art education, or the equivalent level of job related work experience within media production.
Documented knowledge of English equivalent to Engelska B/Engelska 6.

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Kursstart:  Höstterminen  2016 Datum: 2016-08-29 Datum: 
Anmälningskod:  LIU-44977 Tid:  13.15 Tid: 
Urval:  AP Hus:  Kopparhammaren 7 Hus: 
Antal platser:  14 Sal:  KH460 Sal: 
Studieform:  Halvfart Kallelse:  På telefon
Ort:  Norrköping
Period:  201634 - 201723, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One weekend per month.
Studieavgift:  69990 kr - OBS! Gäller bara studenter utanför EU/EES och Schweiz.


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