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Courses and Application - Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Academic year 2015/2016

Welcome as an exchange student at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences!

Who is considered to be an exchange student?

Students studying at Linköping University on the basis of a bilateral agreement between LiU and their home university are considered exchange students. You must be nominated to exchange studies by your home university. There is no tuition fee for exchange students.

Application Procedure

When you have been selected by your home university, the application procedure will be as follows:

  1. Search for courses in the course list below. In all course descriptions, 1.5 credits (ECTS) is equal to one week of full-time study. 30 credits is equal to one semester of full-time studies. Please choose courses within the subject area you are nominated for. In the course descriptions you will find the academic information that is necessary to plan your studies and fill in your application. Please see under "Course information and timetable" in the left hand menu before you choose your courses.
  2. Check the specific requirements for each course that you want to study and make sure that you are eligible for all courses that you select.
  3. Fill out the application form (link below) on-line. The form includes personal data, academic background, choice of courses and the period of time for your stay at Linköping University. In your application form you must also add information about on-going courses which are NOT included in your transcript of records. Make sure you submit all documents that prove your eligibility, please use the comments field if you need to to give additional information.
  4. If you want to apply for accommodation through Linköping University make sure to cross that box on the application form. Please note that you also need to apply and sign up with other landlords and check the notice boards. Linköping University cannot guarantee accommodation.
  5. Submit the form. A print-out of your application will open.
  6. Print out the completed application form.
  7. Make sure you have your own, and your coordinator’s signature on the print-out.
  8. Scan and send your application form together with the supporting documents (Transcript of Records, list of ongoing courses, other documents or information to prove your eligibility, and Proof of English) before the deadline. Deadline for Spring 2016 is 15 October 2015. Address and more information is found in the print-out of the form.
  9. Once you have chosen courses and received the Letter of Admission, this will be your definite choice of courses. You can only make minor changes once you have started your studies here. Make sure you check your Letter of Admission when you have recieved it.

Application form

Course list

Courses in English - Subject areas

Under each subject area courses are divided into Undergraduate and Advanced/master's level courses. To be eligible for courses at Advanced/Master's level, you need a Bachelor Degree of 3 years, or equivalent. There will also be specific requirements in the course information. Courses listed in this catalogue are taught in English. For courses in Swedish for Swedish speaking students see below.


Courses in Swedish

Swedish speaking students can apply for courses in Swedish, admission may be granted if there are places in the course.

Courses in Swedish for Swedish-speaking students

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