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Venue reaches out to school people and researchers

50 published articles concerning the world of school have reached thousands of readers. Things are getting better for the online journal Venue at LiU.

Screenshot of Venues startpageAbout two years ago, Venue was launched as a popular science forum for the exchange of thought and knowledge in the field of research into the world of school.

Recently the editors were able to celebrate publishing their 50th article, the fact that the journal can now reach English-speaking readers with some articles, and that it is reaching a wide readership (which was the aim) – a readership that contributes articles reflecting their own experience.

“It’s really great to see how Venue got so many writers involved and attracted so many readers. Teachers, pre-school teachers, trainee teachers, child minders, researchers – even parents. The most-read articles have had upwards of 3,000 visitors,” says editor Lars Kåreklint, whose day job is faculty programme director at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

The all-time high so far has gone to one of the first articles about the clever maths teacher, and a later one looking at technology in pre-school.

Lars KåreklintDoes Venue seem to be filling a vacuum?
“We had an idea that would be the case. Schools, as we know, are based on science and proven experiences, so there is a need for a place where it is simple and free for school people to learn about research results and other peoples’ practical experiences.”

This autumn Venue also began having articles in English, launching with internationally renowned educationalist Richard Gerver, author of the book Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today. He contributed the article “A Manifesto for Change”, which is his second article in Venue.

“The first time we met him was at a European conference in Stockholm. We told him what we were doing and he promised right there and then to write an article for Venue,” Mr Kåreklint says.

Venue remains a project under development, and it is really great how we get texts sent in from international writers. Next up will be an article by two Austrian educationalists.”

All the texts in Venue are in Swedish; some of them are now being translated into English as well. This enables us to reach an international audience.

The editors of Venue have mostly used Educational Sciences’ web page “Lärarrummet” to reach out with new articles.

Lärarrummet has its own Twitter channel that has just reached 1,000 followers, and it has worked well for us. In the future we also plan to put Venue’s articles to work on social media. Alongside politicians and journalists, educationalists are the most active professions on social media. It will be exciting to see if Venue can get even more readers by means of a dialogue with them.”

Photo: Eva Bergstedt


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