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Social media guru visits LiU

LiU alumnus Niklas Myhr is a marketing and social media expert. He is known as “The Social Media Professor” and ranked number one by Google if you search for this phrase.

For two days in February he visited Linköping University’s Campus Valla, speaking to staff and students about global trends in social media and digital marketing. He stressed the importance of first impressions – and that they are digital.

“These days, when you meet someone you can be sure they’ve looked you up online”, Dr. Myhr said.

One trend he sees is that more transactions, such as purchases, as well as engagement around valuable content take place on social media. A strategy based solely on driving traffic to one’s own website may need a rethink, even if it’s still important to nurture one’s own platform as well.

Niklas Myhr has lived in the United States for many years and is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Chapman University, California. As a social media expert, he has been featured on the BBC, the Washington Post and USA Today, among many others. He holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University and a Ph.D. in Marketing from University of Virginia.

Read more about Dr. Niklas Myhr on thesocialmediaprofessor.com

Niklas Myhr, The Social Media Professor
Photo: Göran Billeson

Maria Karlberg 2016-02-08

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