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Collaborate with LiU, making use of knowledge


Linköping University has exceptionally strong connections with the surrounding society and work with many players from our own region, Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world.

Collaboration includes activities such as research and development together with the regional business sector, business development of ideas and research results from students and researchers, commercialisation, innovation support and collaboration development.



Christofer Sundström

Great potential to charge electric cars

One million electric cars could be charged by households at night with the electric installations that exist today, as shown by calculations carried out by researchers from LiU and VTI. But a broad investment in charging infrastructure is needed.

Professor Anders Ynnerman

Major visualisation initiative in region

Visual Sweden, a regional initiative aimed at promoting innovation and regional growth in visualisation and image analysis, is to receive SEK 20 million in funding from Vinnova Vinnväxt. The decision concerns the first stage of a ten year venture.

Ericsson and LiU increase collaboration

On Tuesday LiU Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun signed a strategic collaborative agreement with global telecom giant Ericsson. ”It’s a privilege for us and a very important collaboration,” said Sara Mazur, head of Ericsson Research.


  • Innovation and entrepreneurship - The Innovation Office increases the impact of research results, foster innovations and promote their commercialisation.
    Contact: Johan Lilliecreutz 
  • Internationalisation - Networking in order to build long-term and multi-dimensional partnerships is a priority.
    International collaboration
  • International networks - Linköping University participates in a number of international networks in higher education.
    Collaboration in international networks
  • Exchange partners - There are agreements for student and teacher exchanges with over 400 universities worldwide.
    Information for partner universities
  • Educational consultants - Information for educational consultants with an agreement with Linköping University.
    Educational consultants

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