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Welcome to the Division of Optimization

To optimize is to find the best possible solution to a problem. Optimization is a mathematical science and is based on mathematical models that define what is good/bad and what is feasible/infeasible. The best solution to such a model is found with the help of efficient solutions methods, based on mathematical algorithms and efficient implementations. This way one can solve real life problems within many different areas, such as telecommunication, forestry, railway, finance, transportation, production etc.

A short history about the Division of Optimization at Linköpings universitet



Implementation Challenge in solving Steiner tree problems

Oleg Burdakov, Department of Mathematics, and his collaborators of the Department of Computer and Information Science, Jonas Kvarnström and Patrik Doherty, won the prestigious Implementation Challenge in solving Steiner tree problems. Their algorithms were based on their theoretical results on optimality conditions. The Challenge was organized by DIMACS. The Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) is a collaboration between Rutgers University, Princeton University, and the research firms AT&T, Bell Labs, Applied Communication Sciences, and NEC. Internationally recognized key experts in solving Steiner tree problems participated in the Challenge. Oleg Burdakov's team was the best in solving hop-constrained directed Steiner tree problems.


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Optimization Methods and Software

Optimization Methods and Software

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