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Gender research excels in new collaboration

Silje Lundgren

Six years of collaboration between gender researchers at Linköping and Örebro Universities has gained a permanent successor in the form of the GEXcel International Collegium.


Many genes behind the chicken’s comb

The red combs of roosters and hens are well-known examples of sexual ornamentation – decorations that attract a partner for reproduction. But in order for the strategy to work over the long term, the ornament has to be linked to a characteristic that gives an advantage in the struggle for existence.

New popular science videos

In a number of recently made popular science videos, LiU researchers talk about how they design new materials, advance animal husbandry and contribute to better nursing, among other things. The films are shown on the LiU website.

Matthias Fischer and Hirooki Fujiwara

Agreement with Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling Europe and Linköping University’s Department of Management and Engineering recently signed an agreement for a long-term strategic collaboration.

Magnus Berggren

Magnus Berggren wins Wallenberg prize

Magnus Berggren, professor of organic electronics at Linköping University, is the winner of the 2014 Marcus Wallenberg Prize, for his ground-breaking work on electronic paper.

Kåkenhus Building

Accommodation guarantee for Norrköping abolished

The accommodation guarantee for new students on Campus Norrköping is being abolished to be replaced by an accommodation pool run by Kårservice.

Kjell O Lejon

LiU professor releases book on Bush

Kjell O. Lejon, professor of religious studies and historical theology, has written the first work on former US President George H.W. Bush from a religious studies perspective.

Strategic initiative a success

Five strategic research areas and SEK 63 million a year. This was the outcome for Linköping University in the state initiative that began in 2010. With one year left, everything indicates it gave good value for the money.

Wegner chair

LiU Malmsten goes Denmark

The world-famous Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner was born one hundred years ago, which the Designmuseum Danmark is celebrating with a retrospective. And to honour him, three exchange students at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies built one of his chairs in twice the normal size. Their chair is now featured at the entrance of Designmuseum Danmark.

Internet Interventions

New journal about internet treatment

Gerhard Anderson, professor of Clinical Psychology at Linköping University, is editor-in-chief of Internet Interventions, a new open access journal about psychological intervention via the internet.

He’s helping write the climate report

Where are the limits to our ability to adapt to climate change? We do not know, says Richard Klein, professor at Linköping University and lead author of one chapter in the new UN climate report.

Zoran Sjanic

GPS is not everything

To be able to navigate reliably and without support from the global positioning system GPS is crucial both for fighter planes and for peaceful aerial vehicles on rescue operations. Zoran Sjanic has a solution.

New urban social justice movements

Megafonen (The Megaphone) and Pantrarna (The Panthers) are examples of new social movements that are growing up among youth in the suburbs, most often among youth with immigrant backgrounds. They are working against the dismantling of the welfare state and for the regeneration of the suburbs. They are a new form of organisation, according to researchers at REMESO.

New concept for treatment of cancer

A completely new method for treating cancer has been developed by a Swedish research team, under the leadership of Karolinska Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory. The concept is to be presented in the prestigious journal, Nature.

Globe and thermometer. Picture from iStockphoto.

Sustainability conference webcast

Linköping University is to host the first in a series of web-based conferences on sustainable development. Watch the presentation by the CSPR’s Professor Björn-Ola Linnér as a webcast, or in one of the lecture theatres.


Seven new honorary doctors

Five foreign researchers, one designer and a former university director will receive honorary degrees from Linköping University at a ceremony this May.

Microphone. Photo: iStockphoto

Alumni compete to give speech at ceremony

Dreams, goals, challenges. What happens after graduation from a master’s programme at Linköping University? International students with a master’s degree from LiU are asked to share their stories in a competition for giving a speech at the Farewell Ceremony on 11 June.

Green globe in grass

World leader in eco-friendly attitude

Linköping University is the most eco-friendly university in the world, according to the online benchmark survey International Student Barometer (ISB) 2013.

Computer model can prevent epidemic

An advanced computer model could save the United States from a catastrophic outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. Researchers from Linköping University have played a key part in the project, which was funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Department of Homeland Security.

Hearing aid

Thought-controlled hearing apparatus in the future

“We hear with our ears but listen with our brains”. That was the theme of this year’s Research Day, about current research in cognitive hearing sciences.

Higher temperatures increase methane emissions from freshwater environments

Rising global temperatures will lead to increasing natural emissions of greenhouse gas methane from freshwater environments – something that, in turn, could contribute to further warming of the Earth, as shown in a study now being published in Nature.

International students

Swedish students skip studies abroad

Most Swedish students choose not to study abroad. The same goes for their Finnish and Norwegian peers. A Nordic study has looked into why students head off or stay home.

Lots of carbon dioxide equivalents from aquatic environments

Large amounts of carbon dioxide equivalents taken up by plants on land are returned to the atmosphere from aquatic environments. This according to a study carried out by two master’s students at Linköping University.

Chemical gene transformation behind pollen allergy

The dramatic increase in allergies, diseases of the joints, diabetes and other common illnesses that affect the immune system suggests that environmental factors are very significant. A study of people with pollen hay fever now shows that this may be the result of chemical changes in the genes, called DNA methylation.

Toxic chemical linked to cancer and heart disease

More than 40 years after a major spill of PCBs, a toxic environmental contaminant, these can still be traced in the bloodstream of exposed people. Particularly high levels of PCBs have been measured in the lipoproteins of people with cancer and cardiovascular disease, according to researchers at Linköping University.

Linköping delegation in China

During the second week of March, Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun was leading a university delegation that, together with leaders from the municipality, was visiting Linköping’s twin cities in China–Guangzhou and Macau, as well as Hong Kong. The visit was focusing on cooperation in education and research, development in commerce and industry and environmental engineering.

Rhinoceros in Ngulia

LiU research in the fight against poachers

Swedish technology is to be used in the fight against organised crime in Kenya. The poachers have hit rhinoceros populations hard and there are only 650 animals left. Fredrik Gustafsson, director of Security Link, is deeply committed.


celebrating easter in sweden

Easter eggsEaster traditions differ from country to country. All have their own way of celebrating. An exclusive Swedish tradition is birch twigs decorated with coloured feathers.


home again from nepal

Students in NepalLast year they took their bicycles and set course for Nepal. The aim was to support a home for vulnerable girls. Now they are back in Sweden (with a little less beard).


developing better menstrual protection

MSc students in UgandaMSc students Maria Olsson and Lina Larsson are developing better and more environmentally friendly menstrual protection for women in developing countries.


A lift for aero and eco studies

Jörg SchminderIn a new gas turbine simulator in the A Building, students can see how an interference affects flow immediately.

facilitating contacts

Patrik Jutterström at a student caféThe right job and the right student. The new student association BrandVisors wants to facilitate contacts between students and companies.


A semester in singapore

Ida NordströmIda Nordström, senior high school teacher in training, has taken part in a new exchange with Singapore.  


to hollywood and back

Mattias Bergbom. Photo: Peter HolgerssonMattias Bergbom would actually have been satisfied with any job in the IT sector. But he ended up in the film industry, in Hollywood, with an Oscar for Visual Effects.


awarded student

Anna AsratianAnna Asratian, master’s student in Experimental and Medical Biosciences, has been awarded a service medal from the Faculty of Health Sciences.


the porters of Kilimanjaro

The porters portrayed in the filmFour LiU students made a documentary on the porters of Kilimanjaro and the climate change.


GReen belts

Sergio Andres Brambila Macias and Gustavo Bonilla LaraSergio Andres Brambila Macias and Gustavo Bonilla Lara and twenty-eight other students have been awarded the green belt in the Six Sigma quality management method.


solitude for better or worse

Lonely studentA little while into term, solitude often begins to show its face. The reaction may be overactivity or self-imposed isolation.


Celebrating a decade of hard work

Karlhans CheToday, Friday 15 November, is an important day for Karlhans Che. It is a day of joy and honour, a day for celebrating the childhood dream that came true. Karlhans is about to attend the Commencement Ceremony at LiU.

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In brief

Professor among the learned

Martin Ball, recently titled professor in logopedics, has been elected fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.

LiU professor is new Fellow

Åke Björck, Professor Emeritus in Numerical Analysis, has been named as a SIAM fellow.
With its headquarters in Philadelphia, SIAM, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, is one of the biggest professional mathematics organisations with members all over the world.

Sketch of house of cubes

Prizewinning idea about a sustainable city

LiU students Diana Kaliff and Benjamin Gredeson won first prize in the Skanska Sustainable Cities Challenge with their entry, ”CUBO”. They are imagining a building whose outer frame holds cubes that can easily be exchanged or added to as needed. The prize consists of a study trip to New York.

They wrote the best article

Three REMESO researchers – Branka Likic-Brboric, Zoran Slavnic and Charles Woolfson – wrote the best article of 2013 in the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. The article was titled “Labour Migration and Informalisation: East meets West”, and was nominated to receive the honour by the journal’s editorial management.

Go on a cultural journey

International Day, iDay, is back again on 25 April. It is the biggest international student festival in the region, where you can explore national delicacies, traditional clothes and much more from all over the world. The festival takes place in C Building on Campus Valla.



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