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Reactor in the lab

Twice as big, twice as strong

The Biogas Research Center, based at Linköping University, has received continued support from the Swedish Energy Agency, local governments and the business sector. It has secured further funding of SEK 80 million for the coming four years.

LiU will lead major research initiative

Linköping University has been awarded SEK 20 million to create a world-leading programme in interdisciplinary social and environmental research.

South Corean flag

Millions for South Korea collaboration

Anne Henry, professor of Materials Physics and Magnus Berggren, professor of Organic Electronics, have been awarded over SEK 1.8 million each from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research to strengthen collaboration with research colleagues in South Korea.

LiU researchers involved during UN negotiations

How will the UN process develop in the future? Does it make sense to fly in ministers from every corner of the globe for a three-minute lecture? These are some of the questions Mathias Friman looked at during the UN negotiations.

Simin Nadjm-Tehrani

Saab rewards security research

Simin Nadjm-Tehrani is a computer science researcher who is always one step ahead. Now she will receive the fourth Åke Svensson research scholarship for her work including research into reliable and secure computer systems.

Göran Collste and Anders Nordlund

Centre for Applied Ethics celebrates 20 years

Interest in ethical issues is growing amongst the general public, according to Göran Collste and Anders Nordgren, directors at the Centre of Applied Ethics, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Fruit flies mating

Like father, like son

A new study shows that increasing sugar in the diet of male fruit flies for just one or two days before mating can cause obesity in their offspring through alterations that affect gene expression in the embryo.

Professor gets death threat

Following the publication of his new study on Sweden Democrat voters, a professor at Linköping University has received death threats. Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun says it is completely unacceptable that researchers are subject to this.


Students found guilty of libel

Sweden’s Supreme Court has found two students guilty of libel. Their written work for a course on financial crime contained incorrect details about a person with a criminal record. The work was searchable on Linköping University’s website.

Xenophobia a trait of Sweden Democrat voters

Sweden Democrat voters are more xenophobic and intolerant than other voters, according to a study by four Linköping University researchers.

The winning team

LiU economists Swedish casework champions – again

On to the final in Dubai! For the second year in a row, the LiU students were victorious in the national final of the KPMG International CASE Competition on 25-28 November.

Stress during pregnancy makes children more ill

Children from families that are under psychosocial stress during pregnancy have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol and are more prone to common childhood illnesses, according to a doctoral thesis at Linköping University.

The air traffic control simulator, Narsim

Welcome Narsim!

An air traffic control simulator, Narsim, has arrived at the Department of Science and Technology on Campus Norrköping. The simulator is an important cog in research into the understanding between man and machine.

Mikael Segersäll

Inside superalloys

Efficient turbines that generate more and more electricity are the goal of Mikael Segersäll’s research. In his doctoral thesis, he studied the inside of superalloys in order to answer the question of how and why materials crack.

Bag of Spice

LiU chemists on the hunt for Spice

The deadly internet drug Spice is thwarting police and customs in its ever-changing guises. Chemists and forensic experts are working hard to keep up with the rapid development of new active substances.

First stop: Seoul

Swedish research will become more well-known in Asia and South America. Linköping University is one of six universities in the new Swedish Academic Collaboration Forum charged with developing international collaboration. Starting in April 2015 LiU, in conjunction with Chalmers, will organise an initial seminar in Seoul, South Korea.

The signal that starts fever

In infections and inflammatory diseases, the immune system creates a group of small signalling molecules, or cytokines. One of these – interleukin 6 – is necessary for the body to combat fever. Researchers at Linköping University are now able to show for the first time how this process works.

David the robot

LiU robot best at cooking

The FIA Robotics student team and their robot David were the winners in an international cooking competition for robots that concluded in Madrid recently. The team won by a narrow margin over the second-place Mexican team.

6.5 million for digital pathology

A project for digital pathology under the management of LiU and Sectra, the medical technology company, will receive continued support from VINNOVA and SEK 6.5 million for two years. The objective is to make Swedish pathology a world leader in digitisation for increased effectiveness and heightened quality of care.

Protect your house against a changed climate

A web tool for climate adaptation has been developed by researchers from the Nordic countries. Key in the information for your house and you’ll get immediate advice on how it should be protected against future climate events.


sinkhole party

Sinkhole Party outside Kårallen BuildingNews about LiU’s very own sinkhole spread like internet wildfire. The students rapidly organised a “drain party”.


five minutes with...

Maria Huge-Brodin ...Maria Huge-Brodin, the first professor of Environmental Logistics at LiU, in Sweden, in Europe, and perhaps even the world.


competing in robotics

Fredrik Löfgren with a robotMore motivating to study for a competition than for an exam, thinks LiU student Fredrik Löfgren, who competes in robotics competitions himself and is organizing the RoboCup Junior competition.


alumni of the year spoke

Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun with Alumni of the YearTrust your gut feeling! Peter Agnefjäll, President and CEO of the IKEA Group, and Elnaz Baghlanian, editor and office coordinator at Swedish PEN, gave well-received speeches at the Alumni of the Year ceremony.


pupils meet researcher

Pupils from BjörnkärrsskolanHave you ever worked at NASA? How did the sun start? Do aliens exist? A torrent of questions greets researcher Magnus Herberthson when he visits the second grade pupils at a local shool.


out into the world with a teaching degree

Juliette Ramberg de Ruyter among students outside the Key BuildingA job as a trainee education development officer in Dhaka is more appealing to Juliette Ramberg de Ruyter than a classroom in Sweden.


underrated dogs

Dog pictured from behindThe cognitive abilities of dogs takes even researchers by surprise. Per Jensen, professor of ethology, has written yet another book about dogs’ behaviour.


Kalas 2014

Movits! on stageGorgeous autumn weather and Movits! on the main stage. Thousands of students celebrated the start of studies at the Kalasmottagning.


master's student in afghanistan

Ross Duncan

Ross Duncan, Canadian master’s student at LiU, is working for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in Kabul.

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In brief

LiU researchers best at optimisation

Oleg Burdakov, Department of Mathematics, and Jonas Kvarnström and Patrick Doherty, Department of Computer and Information Science, have won a prestigious competition organised by the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science at Rutgers and Princeton Universities and companies such as AT&T and Bell Labs. The competition involved solving what are known as “Steiner Tree” problems, and they won one of the most difficult classes with their algorithm.

More and more fee-paying students

The number of fee-paying students from countries outside the EU/EEA and from Switzerland continues to increase. In the 2013/14 academic year the increase totalled 400 people, 25%, according to a new report from the Swedish Higher Education Authority and Statistics Sweden.

New global association for gender studies

A new global association for leading gender research centres has been formed. The International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies – Rings – gathers research institutes and centres from Africa, Australia, Europe and North and Central America. The aim is to facilitate collaboration and contact in gender studies worldwide. The interim board comprises representatives from seven research centres, including the Swedish GEXcel Collegium, which includes Linköping University.

Nobel prize to LiU honorary doctor

Professor Isamu Akasaki from Meijo University and Nagoya University in Japan was recently awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics. Professor Akasaki has been an honorary doctor at Linköping University’s Institute of Technology since 2001.

Documenting career guidance

Via the Swedish Council for Higher Education, Sweden is participating in an international research project that will show how Swedish educational institutions manage transitioning their international students onto the Swedish labour market. The study will be based on responses from international offices and career centres at the education institutions. Germany, the Netherlands and Canada are also participating.



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