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The predator survives – but the ecosystem crashes

Jumping killer whale

What do killer whales, polar bears and humans have in common? They are adaptable predators with the ability to select new prey when their favourite food is in low supply. But this change can disrupt entire ecosystems.

Campus Valla

LiU climbs world uni ranking

Linköping University continues its climb in the Times Higher Education ranking. LiU now ranks amongst the 300 best universities in the world.

Helen Dannetun recieves award

LiU's Vice-Chancellor named Visionary of the Year

LiU’s Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun was recently named Visionary of the Year, for the university’s strong focus on development and its ability to think innovatively.

Microscopic picture of plaque

New possibility of treating Alzheimer’s

A protein that is part of our innate immune system – lysozyme – could be used to treat and diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, as shown by new research results at Linköping University.

The Seed Box officially opened

We live in nature, and nature lives in us. This is one of the ideas behind a new collaboration between gender studies and environmental humanities at LiU that recently received SEK 40 million in funding. The project was officially opened on Thursday.

Professor Hiroshi Amano

Nobel laureate to LiU

His research spreads energy-efficient light over the earth. Nobel laureate Hiroshi Amano will soon visit Linköping University to meet colleagues, but also to give a lecture to students and the general public.

Coniferous forests bind chlorine more easily than deciduous

Researchers at LiU can show that chlorine is bound and sticks much more easily in organic material than previously believed, and that coniferous forests bind organic chlorine more easily than deciduous forests do.

A healthy cornea

EU effort against blindness

Millions of people are blind due to disease of the cornea. LiU and the University Hospital were the first in the world to transplant biosynthetic corneas into patients. Now the EU is funding a new, important step for cornea research.

The whole group

Easier to invest in sustainable electricity

They will study whether the transition to renewable electricity production can be facilitated with the help of supporting middlemen.

East Sweden Hack

Security alarm wins East Sweden Hack

20 teams with equally as many smart ideas competed in this weekend’s East Sweden Hack. Trygga, a security alarm that combines technology with people’s goodwill, was chosen best project.

Resin may provide medicine against epilepsy

Sticky resin from conifers contains substances that could relieve or cure epilepsy. Researchers at Linköping University have synthesized and tested 71 substances known as resin acids, of which twelve are prime candidates for new medicines.

Campus Norrköping

Jubilee celebrations continue

Celebrations to mark the 40 year anniversary of Linköping University will be continuing in the autumn with a variety of activities. The biggest event will be a jubilee science congress in Norrköping.

Sign about new student rooms

Difficult but not impossible

The accommodation situation for students at LiU is difficult but not impossible. Demand has levelled out. And several hundred new apartments are expected within the next few years.

Igor Abrikosov and Marcus Ekholm

Record-high pressure reveals secrets of matter

At extremely high pressure even the innermost electrons in the atomic nuclei of the metal osmium begin to interact with each other, a phenomenon never witnessed before. The findings have been published in Nature.

Mad cow disease

Blocked prions can prevent cell death

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, mad cow disease and scrapie are brain diseases for which there is currently no cure. But now, with the aid of a particular molecule, LiU researchers may be able to prevent destructive prions causing cell death in the brain. This could pave the way for a cure.


Galantis to play at Kalas

The Swedish dj duo Galantis will perform at this year’s Kalasmottagningen, the welcome ceremony for new students on 2 September.

The TQ1 fibres (red) with live embryonic chicken cardiomyocytes growing on it (green).

Fluorescent material reveals how cells grow

Fibre from a semiconducting polymer, developed for solar cells, is an excellent support material for the growth of new human tissue, researchers at LiU have shown in Advanced Functional Materials.

The team on the track

ELiTH delivers at Silverstone

Students in ELiTH Racing left over sixty competitors in their wake on the track in Silverstone, where engineering students from all over the world competed in Formula Student.

Climate adaptation

Risk of climate adaptation affecting vulnerable groups

Despite the positive fact that more and more countries are implementing measures to adapt society to a change in the climate, the measures can go wrong and affect already vulnerable groups.

Campus Valla

LiU among the world’s top universities

Each year, more than 25,000 international higher education institutions are ranked by quality by The Center for World University Rankings. LiU ranks #355.

The forest fire in Västmanland County

The forest fire that shook Sweden

What began one summer’s day in 2014 as a small fire in a clear-cut area turned into a civil emergency in just a few days. Researchers, police and fire fighters recently gathered at LiU to draw lessons from it.


Pluto close up

In a packed auditorium in the Dome Theatre of the Visualisation Centre we witnessed the historic moment when the New Horizons space probe passed Pluto, thanks to OpenSpace, a software system developed at LiU.

Artificial turf

More overstrain injuries on artificial turf

Is it more dangerous to play football on artificial turf than natural grass? A thesis from LiU shows that players playing on artificial turf have more overstrain injuries than those playing on natural grass.


Low risk of donor children meeting their half siblings

More and more children are conceived via assisted conception. But there is a lack of clear regulations in the healthcare system. LiU researchers have now shown that the chances of donor children who are genetically related having a child together are low.

Markus Heilig

Only collaboration can relieve drug craving

Collaboration between medicine, brain research and psychiatry is the only way forward to counter the increase in alcohol-related diseases, said Markus Heilig at the LiU seminar in Visby.


Great acceptance for state control

Acceptance of the state actively trying to influence individuals to make decisions that are beneficial for both the individual and society – known as “nudging” – is high both in Sweden and in the United States.

Wisby Hotel

New challenges at Almedalen

Just like last year, LiU Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun welcomes all to the university’s seminars, where researchers will shed light on the challenges facing the welfare state.


the refugee crisis

Peo Hansen

Right now, Professor of Political Science Peo Hansen is up to his ears in national and international media, who want to interview him.


words alone are not enough

Charlotte Lundgren

Charlotte Lundgren, communications researcher at the Department of Culture and Communication, has set up cameras to study the interaction among trainers, elite riders and horses.


Kalas delirium

Kalas 2015Throngs of people at the exhibition, unexpected meetings, and a deliriously happy audience in front of the stage. This year’s Kalas really was a smash.


drugs and the brain

Woman with glass of wine

People who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction are seldom given up-to-date treatment in the healthcare system, Markus Heilig, psychiatrist and world renowned addiction researcher, writes in a new book.


party time

Alexandra A. HolmströmAlexandra A. Holmström has a lot on her plate, with New Students’ Day on 2 September.  


giving brc new muscles

Linda OlssonLinda Olsson, newly graduated PhD in fossil-free fuels, is now taking over as senior coordinator of the Biogas Research Center.



Peo HansenPeo Hansen, professor of Political Science at REMESO, recently attended an OECD meeting on the EU’s policy for labour migration to Europe.


dancing in professorship

Jill Trewhella

Dancing and singing are no problem for new visiting professor Jill Trewhella.


children arriving alone

Annicka Lang

Annicka Lang, psychologist and doctoral student at LiU, lectures on the mental health of children who arrive alone to seek asylum.

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In brief

The Business Oscar

LiU Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun has been nominated in the “Visionary of the Year” category for Näringslivsgalan, the annual business awards dinner. In a total of seven categories, businesses and businessmen and -women who, through their great efforts for the community, great involvement and good ambassadorship placed Linköping on the Swedish and international market will be lauded. Näringslivsgalan will take place in the Konsert och Kongress building on 25 September.

LiU on the QS World University Rankings

LiU is maintaining its positions on the QS World University Rankings, placing 286th among the world’s 400 highest-ranking universities. Last year, it placed 283rd. Eight Swedish higher education institutions made it onto the Top 400 list.

Students from abroad performing even better

The degree of performance for students coming from abroad continues to increase, a report from UKÄ, the Swedish Higher Education Authority, shows. The increase primarily concerns “free movers” in the general campus programme who – according to the statistics – performed on a par with Swedish students in the 2012/13 academic year. But for freestanding courses, students from abroad were ahead of Swedish students.

EU supports tick project

The number of tick-borne illnesses among people and animals is to be reduced. This is the goal of a Scandinavian research project, supported by the EU with just over 4.4 million euro. An equal amount will be added in public co-funding. The project is being managed from the Ryhov County Hospital in Jönköping and Sörlandet Sykehus in Norway. The project manager is Per-Eric Lundgren, professor of medical microbiology at LiU.

Top researcher award

Elin Good, PhD student in cardiology at the Faculty of Medicine, received the Young Investigator Award at the EuroPRevent congress in Lisbon this May.



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