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Ethical discourse as globalisation increases

A newly published book emphasises the importance of communicating shared fundamental values that transcend cultural and national boundaries.

Globe. Photo: iStockAs globalisation increases, it becomes increasingly important to agree about values and norms that transcend cultural and national boundaries. This is relevant in such fields as research, healthcare, politics and culture.

“But the general debate in society seems to be going in the opposite direction, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Barriers are being built, and there is a tendency to misinterpret ‘the other’ rather than trying to understand,” says Göran Collste, Professor of Applied Ethics.

He has edited the newly published book “Ethics and Communication. Global Perspectives”, which takes up issues related to communication about common global values such as freedom, community and equality. The book discusses philosophical theories in ethics and communication, the significance of religion, scientific perspectives, Western and Islamic ideas of human rights, and Japanese perspectives of personal integrity in a society knit together by computer networks.

“We are living in a world in which we are becoming increasingly dependent on each other – and for this reason the ethical discourse is becoming increasingly important.”

Two researchers in ethics at LiU have contributed to the anthology. Maren Behrensen uses her chapter to analyse academic education in ethics, while Elin Palm describes cultural and ethical perspectives of global information technology. The anthology has eight chapters written by scientists from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, the UK and Sweden, and is intended for both academic readers and the general public.

“What is required to be able to communicate ethical norms and values across cultural boundaries has not been sufficiently examined, and this book is a contribution to this,” says Göran Collste.

A Release Party for the book will be held in the Key Building on 12 September at 12.30, to which everybody is welcome.

More details about the book

Photo: iStock

Eva Bergstedt 2016-08-26


Relief for epilepsy at the scale of a single cell

Researchers at LiU have developed a small device that both detects the initial signal of an epileptic attack and doses a substance that effectively stops it. All this takes place where the signal arises.

Jerker Lysell

LiU student takes gold

Jerker Lysell, an undergraduate in civil engineering at LiU, took gold in the sprint event at the World Orienteering Championships last weekend.

students marching

The students are here

They’re here. Over the next few weeks, LiU’s campuses will be teeming with first-year and returning students.


Improved global ranking for LiU

Linköping University has improved its position on the “Shanghai list”, a global ranking list that principally measures research prowess.


Refugee children arriving with family are overlooked

Refugee children who come to Sweden and seek asylum together with their parents risk being overlooked, not getting any systematic help with school, healthcare and other care. There is no functioning system for them, in contrast to the unaccompanied refugee children, for whom responsibility is more clearly allocated.

Student housing. Photo: David Einar

International students have most trouble finding accommodation

LiU’s international students have started to arrive, and many are having difficulty finding accommodation.

LiU condemns encroachment against higher education in Turkey

After the attempted coup on Friday, July 15, the Turkish government has carried out a number of encroachments that threaten freedom of expression – as well as academic freedom – in Turkey. Among other things, 1,577 deans have been fired.

test tube with algae

To Boston, with algae in their bags

LiU’s team in the iGEM international research competition is betting on getting algae to produce so much fat that it can be profitable in the manufacture of biodiesel. In October, they’re travelling to Boston and MIT with their contribution to the competition.

Anders Fridberger

New discovery on how the inner ear works

Researchers have found that the parts of the inner ear that process sounds such as speech and music seem to work differently than other parts of the inner ear. Researchers from Linköping University are part of the team behind the discovery.


Plastic can cause obesity

Environmental contaminants, for instance those found in plastics, can affect our metabolism and lead to obesity – according to LiU researcher Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna and several leading experts in a statement in Environmental Health Perspectives.

University Hospital Campus

First International Summer Academy

This summer Linköping University will host its first Summer Academy for students from international partner universities.

Brain activity

Softwares for fMRI yield erroneous results

Common statistical methods used to analyse brain activity through images taken with MRI scanners cannot be trusted, as shown by Anders Eklund and Hans Knutsson of Linköping University, and Thomas Nichols of the University of Warwick, in the highly-ranked journal PNAS.

Solar cells on window

Organic solar cells: coming soon near you

Organic printed solar cells will soon be in a window or a bag near you. In “Sunflower”, the recently-concluded EU project, researchers and businesses brought the technology a great deal closer to our everyday lives.

Maria Engelmark

New Director of International Relations

Maria Engelmark, head of studies administration at Kristianstad University, will become the new Director of International Relations at Linköping University. She will take office on 18 August.

Olle Ingnäs

Solar cell première

Printed organic solar cells produce electricity from several of the windows at Tekniska verken in Linköping. Professor Olle Inganäs and his research group are leading the development towards the sustainable energy sources of the future.

Ethnicity, nationality, and social class on company boards

Ethnicity, nationality, and class affiliation are areas that have not been researched as regards the composition of management in new companies. Researchers at Linköping University and Kristianstad University are going to change that.

Robots playing football. Photo: Charlotte Perhammar

Robots prepare for World Cup

In the robot lab at LiU, training is in full swing. On 30 June, Jasmine, Elsa and their four teammates travel to Leipzig for RoboCup – the Football World Cup for robots.

Strengthening immune defence may be solution for treating tuberculosis

Researchers at Linköping University have made a discovery that could contribute to developing new vaccines and treatment alternatives for tuberculosis in the future. The results have been published in Scientific Reports, a sister journal to the highly respected periodical Nature.


Stanford inspires in business design

Over the spring, Ronaldo’s Stone Oven Bakery in Linköping got help from master’s students in Business Management to develop their company. The concept has its basis in ideas from Stanford University.

Marianne Dahlén

Listen to pods on intellectual property law

How do jurisprudence and intellectual property law relate to innovation and design? Listen to two podcasts with some of the leading researchers in intellectual property law.


Ethical aspects of medical age assessment

If a medical age assessment is not conclusive, it’s better to say yes than no. That’s the advice from two Linköping University researchers who conducted an ethical analysis of several cases of medical age assessment.


New treatment for depression

A new treatment for severe depression is to be introduced at the Linköping University Hospital. It uses magnetic stimulation of nerve cells deep in the brain. The method is currently in use at a very limited number of hospitals worldwide.


Environmental researcher counts flip-flops

The huge volumes of litter we leave in the oceans is one of the greatest environmental problems of our time. Professor Henrik Kylin from LiU has studied how the beaches on a remote atoll in the Indian Ocean have been covered with litter, even though the atoll has no permanent residents.

Group of people practicing Swedish

Speech therapy students help new arrivals

Over the spring term, future speech therapists from Linköping University have been working pro bono with language training for newly arrived refugees.

Alyssa Blumenthal

Her cookbook combines biogas and algae

Alyssa Blumenthal came to LiU in September 2015 on a Fulbright scholarship. Now she is full of enthusiasm about the Biogas Research Center (BRC), Linköping University, Sweden and energy-related issues. However she is leaving academia for her hometown, New York City.

Water treatment facility

1 TWh of biogas to be gotten from waste

There is one TWh of biogas in the waste streams from paper and pulp mills. A biogas facility at, or adjacent to, a mill also provides a number of other advantages, as a newly released research report shows.


farewell liu

Farewell Ceremony 2016, audience

Excitement about the future – and a celebration right now. That was the mood at this year’s Farewell Ceremony for Linköping University’s international master’s students.


the deported liu student

Sofie AbrahamsonSofie Abrahamson, lecturer at the Department of Culture and Communication, has involved herself in the case of Syed Latif, who was deported after getting a job through the wrong channels.


academic ceremony

Commencement CeremonyThis year’s Commencement Ceremony in the De Geer Hall combined stately ritual with serious partying. 


with an eye for the tiger

Rebecka Le MoineMaster’s student Rebecka Le Moine is in India right now to study tigers on behalf of the World Wide Fund for Nature.


unesco prize

Anders Jidesjö

Anders Jidesjö, Department of Thematic Studies, is research coordinator for the Kunskapslänken national programme, which has been nominated for a UNESCO-Japan prize for sustainable development.


engineering dreams pick up speed

Race carA lot of takeout and evenings were consumed before this year’s race car was ready for the prestigious track at Silverstone.


international day

Asian doll

iDay 2016 in Colloseum was a worldly experience with food and culture from 15 countries.


prizes raining

Joakim Wren2016 Environmental Engineering Profile of the Year. Winner of the 2015 Skapa prize in Östergötland. And winner of the 2016 Nordic Cleantech Open as well as a desirable spot on the list of the 33 hottest new technology companies.


number one in social media

Niklas Myhr

LiU alum Niklas Myhr is known as ‘The Social Media Professor’.


climate and power

Anna Kaijser, portrait

Anna Kaijser, researcher at the Department of Thematic Studies – Environmental Change, brings out the connections between climate and social relations of power.

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In brief

Conference on education and gender

Researchers from around the world will gather in Linköping from 15 to 17 June to discuss gender, nationalism and intersectionality, with a focus on schools and education.
“We want to shed particular light on Sweden and Scandinavia. We believe we have so much equality, and this belief is part of our identity. But it can also lead to superiority over people from other countries. That ‘we’ are so good and ‘they’ don’t know what we’re talking about,” says Katarina Eriksson Barajas, professor of education at Linköping University.

Bus. Photo: Göran Billeson

Cheaper bus

As of 1 September, everyone studying at least half-time will be able to buy tickets from Östgötatrafiken at student prices. The student discount applies to 30-day central and suburban routes. The student association Stuff were the ones pushing the issue of student discounts on public transportation.

Quality of Life

Students in the Cognitive Sciences programme are arranging the KVIT conference on April 28–29, an international conference with invited speakers and visitors from Sweden and Europe. This year’s theme is Quality of Life.

Visiting professor in mathematics

Professor Nageswari Shanmugalingam, University of Cincinnati, will be visiting professor in mathematics, funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. She will work with the potential theory group, led by Jana Björn and Anders Björn, for 12 months in 2017-18.

Article commended

Osama A.B. Hassan, associate professor in construction technology at KTS, has been awarded the “Highly Commended Paper Award” from the Emerald publishing firm for his article, “The role of peer-learning and formative assessment in effective engineering learning environments: A case study”, published in the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education.

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