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LiU written in molecules

Two hundred years ago, thermodynamics was applied to increase the efficiency of steam engines. Now, the research is scaled down to the molecular level, with the objective of developing materials for gas storage, nanosensors, molecular machines and thermal insulators.

New LiU figures ready

The Linköping University Annual Report for the year 2014 is ready and has been submitted to the government. The figures describing LiU in brief do not differ greatly from the previous year: approximately 27,000 students, 1,300 PhD students, 4,000 staff and a turnover of approximately SEK 3.5 billion.

Part of logo for the concert

Big charity concert with women’s choir

Linköping University Women’s Choir (Linnea), will be performing at a charity concert on 6 March with songs about and by women and four invited speakers on stage. All the proceeds will go to Linköping Women’s Shelter.

Placenta protects foetus from mother’s immune system

The immune system of the mother-to-be is a deadly threat to the foetus, and must therefore be weakened during pregnancy. New research shows that this adjustment is controlled by the placenta.

Cecilia Åsberg

Another 20 million to the green humanities

Linköping University has been awarded another SEK 20 million to create a world-leading programme in interdisciplinary social and environmental research.

A new student building by White Arkitekter

Investment in the future of Campus Valla

A new student building, a unified university administration, and collaboration activities in the middle of Campus Valla - this is Linköping University’s new venture. The decision was made by a unanimous University Board today. The new student building will be ready for move-in during September 2018.

Trends control which research reaches teachers

The work of schools should rest on a scientific basis. But the path research takes in reaching schools is not unproblematic, as Glenn Hultman of LiU demonstrates.


Questionnaire gives students chance to have a say

On 17 February LiU students were emailed a questionnaire. This is their chance to express their views on the study environment. The university is keen to get this feedback, as it provides valuable information that helps it make improvements.

Adoptive parents

Adoptive parents are model parents

A good parent should be self-sacrificing, happy and have a lot of time for their children. These are the findings of a study based on how adoptive parents are described in investigation reports prior to international adoption.

Research on cultivated cells may be flawed

Cells grown in the laboratory behave very differently from cells in the body. Research at Linköping and Edinburgh shows that after just a few days the change is so great that it can affect the interpretation of a study.

PO Sjöberg

Norrköping gets Digital Health Lab

In 20 years, one-quarter of all Swedes will be over 65 and when we need care we will receive it in our homes. The Digital Health Lab, which will help us detect diseases in time, dose medicines properly and be healthier, has now been inaugurated.

Lars Vilks

Freedom of speech in focus at Vilks visit

Last week, before the events in Copenhagen, the artist Lars Vilks visited the Student Association of Foreign Affairs at Linköping University.

Mariethe Larsson and Karin Fälth-Magnusson

LiU 40 to be celebrated all year

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Linköping getting its university. This will be observed throughout 2015.

Early marks do not yield better study results

Arguments for giving marks early are often about being motivational for all students. But this doesn’t add up. Instead, early marks can have the opposite effect on certain groups of students. This has been shown by researchers from institutions including Linköping University.

Image of map of parts of Africa

New perspectives on global justice

Is it right to pay compensation for international atrocities committed a long time ago? Do subsequent generations have a duty towards those people and nations who suffered? These questions are discussed in a new book by Göran Collste, professor of Applied Ethics.


Challenging austerity in the Baltics

The Baltic states are often described as good examples of how austerity can be used to overcome a financial crisis. A book on the downsides of austerity edited by LiU’s Professor Charles Woolfson has made waves worldwide.

International students meet the Swedish business sector

On 29 January the mentoring programme Mentor Masters gets going for the second consecutive year. The programme is aimed at international master's students at Linköping University.

Liisa Luuk and Lisa Backlund are

Student psychologists help the depressed

Liisa Luuk and Lisa Backlund are in the last term of their Psychology programme. During the spring they will evaluatethe effects of cognitive behavioural therapy on depression.

HIV virus in disguise tricks immune system

The HIV virus avoids the body’s immune cells by disguising itself using proteins that normally take part in the defence against infections. These are the findings of research conducted at the Division of Molecular Virology.

World-leading biologist comes to LiU

A world-leading researcher in structural biology has been named the 2015 Tage Erlander Visiting Professor, with a placement at Linköping University.


Why gran doesn’t get a smartphone

When we set up our homes we often surround ourselves with furnishings and tech gadgets. But our need for material things decreases over time, according to two LiU researchers.

Photo of an Oscar

LiU alumni Oscar nominees

Magnus Wrenninge, former media technology student, will receive the greatest prize in the film industry at a special Oscars ceremony on 7 February.

University Hospital named best in Sweden

Linköping University Hospital has been named best hospital in Sweden for 2014 by the daily paper Dagens Medicin. The south-east Sweden healthcare region also had top hospitals among the small and medium-sized hospital categories.

Exit sign

Roads to community in transgender film

Transgender people in films are often victims of violence and humiliation. Wibke Straube has written a thesis throwing light on films that give transgender people a moment of acceptance and hope for the future.

Reactor in the lab

Twice as big, twice as strong

The Biogas Research Center, based at Linköping University, has received continued support from the Swedish Energy Agency, local governments and the business sector. It has secured further funding of SEK 80 million for the coming four years.

E-week logo

LiU boots up for E-week

For three and a half days, Linköping University will combine forces with stakeholders from the region for a sustainable future from the viewpoint of technology, environment and finance. Both the Environmental Technology Network Event and the Energy Systems Day will be celebrating their 10-year anniversaries.

LiU will lead major research initiative

Linköping University has been awarded SEK 20 million to create a world-leading programme in interdisciplinary social and environmental research.


solidarity economics

Klara FrimanFor Klara Friman, a degree in Design and Product Development means a job working in solidarity economics in Nicaragua.


into swedish living rooms

Painting ceramics in South AfricaFurniture designers Mattias Rask and Tor Palm are creating jobs for craftspeople all over the world.


scheduling benefits

Elina Rönnberg shows advanced calculationsGrad project in optimisation gave Elina Rönnberg the idea for start-up Schemagi. 


stoked for christmas!

Santas on Campus VallaChristmas markets, gingerbread snaps and decorations. This year our students have got into the Christmas spirit more than ever.


sinkhole party

Sinkhole Party outside Kårallen BuildingNews about LiU’s very own sinkhole spread like internet wildfire. The students rapidly organised a “drain party”.


five minutes with...

Maria Huge-Brodin ...Maria Huge-Brodin, the first professor of Environmental Logistics at LiU, in Sweden, in Europe, and perhaps even the world.


competing in robotics

Fredrik Löfgren with a robotMore motivating to study for a competition than for an exam, thinks LiU student Fredrik Löfgren, who competes in robotics competitions himself and is organizing the RoboCup Junior competition.


alumni of the year spoke

Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun with Alumni of the YearTrust your gut feeling! Peter Agnefjäll, President and CEO of the IKEA Group, and Elnaz Baghlanian, editor and office coordinator at Swedish PEN, gave well-received speeches at the Alumni of the Year ceremony.


pupils meet researcher

Pupils from BjörnkärrsskolanHave you ever worked at NASA? How did the sun start? Do aliens exist? A torrent of questions greets researcher Magnus Herberthson when he visits the second grade pupils at a local shool.

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In brief

Doctoral students’ income has improved

According to data from the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) the proportion of students who receive their revenue directly from the university increased, while the share of external funding declined in 2001 – 2013. The revenue for research and graduate education also increased during this period.

Glimmer Bureau

Furniture of the Year

Ania Pauser’s “Glimmer Bureau" recently won “Furniture of the Year” at the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards. Ania is a graduate of the Furniture Design programme at LiU’s Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies.

Event winners

A student team from the Industrial Engineering and Management master's programme won the semifinals at the “Tournament in management and engineering skills” in Istanbul. The finals will take place at the end of March in Germany. The competition is the largest European case competition for students in the field.

Russians study outdoor education

On Friday 30 January some 30 Russian teachers and head teachers will visit Linköping University and the Fenomenmagasinet Science Centre, to learn more about outdoor education.
”International interest in the discipline continues to grow,” says Anders Szczepanski, professor of outdoor education.

Japanese ambassador visits LiU

The Japanese Ambassador to Sweden, His Excellency Seiji Morimoto, made a stop at Linköping University on 22 January while visiting the county of Östergötland. During the morning he was received by Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun. Linköping University offers engineering programmes with special focus on Japan. It also has a collaboration agreement with the Japanese-owned company Toyota Material Handling, which aims to produce research that will benefit the industrial sector of the future.



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