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Welcome to the LiU-Junior Faculty

Welcome to junior faculty

The LiU-Junior Faculty at Linköping University is the network for future research leaders. The Junior Faculty, encompassing all faculties, is an arena for knowledge exchange and information for postdoctoral researchers and teachers with an aim toward docentship.

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Current events


"Maximizing the impact of research: inside views from a former Nature-editor"

Date: September 11, 15:30 –17:30: Scholanders, Nationernashus, Linköping

Welcome to the next Junior Faculty Club. Dan Csontos from ElevateScientific will speak on Maximizing the impact of research: inside views from a former Nature-editor. He will cover the following topics during the seminar:

 •How to get published in Nature
 Using Nature as an example he will provide insight into the editorial processes at top-ranked journals and discuss what it takes to get published therein:

Who are the editors?
•What do they look for when choosing papers for publication?
•How are reviewers assigned?
•What happens to a paper at Nature?
•Does the cover letter play a role?
•How are decisions taken?
•How do you communicate with editors and reviewers?
•What does it take to get published in Nature?
•How to make an impact with your research

While publishing in top-ranked journals is important, it's not an end itself. I will outline key strategies for maximizing the impact of research:

Recent developments in the science publishing arena and the open science movement; open access, open data, megajournals, new models of peer-review, transparency and urgency, new publishing models
•Planning publications – how to choose journals and navigate the journal ecosystem
•Writing for the reader
•The importance of context
•Answering the three Why-questions
•Writing a clear, concise and compelling abstract
•Making an impact beyond the scientific paper
 After the seminar there will be some food and beverages for all registered JF members. Please register for the JF club no later than September 5th to juniorfaculty@liu.se and inform us if you have any food restrictions.
To become a member, register at www.liu.se/juniorfaculty. Feel free to spread the information.
Best regards,
 Iris Pilch, Carine Signoret and Volodymyr Khranovskyy
 Junior Faculty Office









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