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Server certificates

To ensure that a computer is communicating with the right server and to prevent eavesdropping on and tampering with communications, certificates are used for web servers, email servers and other services. Linköpings universitet CA can issue server certificates for servers in the liu.se domain.

Many of the regulations surrounding issuing of certificates by LiU are available only in Swedish. Therefore, detailed information concerning server certificates is also only available in Swedish..

View LiU's information about certificates (Swedish only)



Contact LiU IRT


spam@liu.se (to report spam)
nonspam@liu.se (to report e-mail incorrectly marked as spam)

abuse@liu.se (all other issues)

Email to these addresses are forwarded to a request tracking system.

Telephone: +46 (0)13 281744

LiU IRT is normally available 0900-1700 Mondays through Fridays. LiU is located in timzeone GMT+1 (GMT+2 during daylight savings time).

LiU IRT is accredited by Trusted Introducer


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+46 (0)13 282828
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