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Doctoral studies in Analytical Sociology

The Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) is unique in offering the first coherent postgraduate training in Analytical Sociology. The program aims to broaden and deepen the doctoral student's knowledge in the subject of analytical sociology and to make the doctoral student well prepared for independent work in the field.

During postgraduate training, the doctoral student combines courses in theory and method with independent dissertation work. In total, a doctoral degree consists of 240 hp. This is equivalent to four years of study including three years of dissertation work. Throughout the PhD program the doctoral student is employed with a centrally regulated wage ladder (http://www.liu.se/insidan/HR-Personal/avtal?l=sv)

The aim of postgraduate training is for the doctoral student to acquire the ability to independently and critically design and implement a qualified research project and to present and disseminate research results and knowledge nationally and internationally, within and outside academia.


General study plan in Analytical Sociology (pdf)

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