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Helix research leader at the list of the world's most influential innovation researchers

Scholars at the Department of Economics at the University of Chile published recently a report entitled "Big names in innovation research: a bibliometrics overview". The report analyzes papers in leading innovation journals over the past 25 years. Professor Magnus Klofsten at the Department of Management and Engineering - core team member of the Helix Competence Centre - is highlighted as one of the most influential researchers in R & D, management, research policy and management of technology.

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The report is possible to download from:



New HELIX book on leadership

A new, significantly revised and improved edition of the book "Towards a new leadership? Studies on managerial work and leadership in an organizational perspective" (in Swedish) was recently published by Studentlitteratur, Lund (the first edition was published in 2009).

New book ”Sustainable development in organizations”

Mattias Elg, Per-Erik Ellström, Magnus Klofsten and Malin Tillmar are editors of a new anthology "Sustainable development in organizations". Sustainable development in organizations discusses, among other things, new perspectives on sustainable change and development in organizations and adopt a critical perspective on lean implementation, environment and sustainability.

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