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WELCOME to the International HELIX Conference 2013!

The International HELIX Conference 2013 is based on the perspective that an organisation is not only an effective production system, but could also be a system for promoting learning, creativity, health and gender equality.


The conference program is now being finalised, thanks to the impressive response to the call for scientific papers as well as practitioners’ reports, covering a broad area of research and practice. Moreover, the invited keynote speakers are well known for their inspiring contributions. In addition, the conference has the honour to presemt a new initiative by DG Enterprise, the European Learning Network for Workplace Innovation (EUWIN).


The participants of the conference will have opportunities to meet leading researchers, experts on entrepreneurship and innovation, prominent representatives of social partners as well as policy makers and business representatives. The program offers various opportunities of participation, such as scientific sessions, scientist and practitioners sessions, as well as open discussions between researchers and practitioners.


A specific theme, of relevance for practitioners, such as project managers, policy makers and social partners, is about interactive research, how to manage extensive projects, and ongoing evaluation, mainly focusing on the European structural funds program. 


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important information

Conference chair: Mattias Elg, Professor, Director of the HELIX Centre, mattias.elg@liu.se

Conference secretariat:
Pia Johansson, info@helixconference2013.com


Download summary information:


Last date for early registration is April 15, 2013.

Click here or follow the link in the menu about registration.


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Please send us an email at info@helixconference2013.com





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