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Forum Securitatis

Graduate school in Security and Crisis Management


Forum Securitatis is a multidisciplinary graduate school in the field of security in the society and for crisis management. The overall goal is to provide students participating in Forum Securitatis with a broader experience within the fields of security and crisis management, and through a network of relevant contacts. This will increase the job opportunities outside the university upon graduation.

Forum Securitatis was until 2014-01-31 managed by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and Linköping University (LiU) and was financed jointly by VINNOVA (The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems), FOI and LiU. From 2010, Forum Securitatis was integrated as the graduate education organization within the strategic research programme Security Link. From 2014-02-01, Forum Securitatis is a subproject within Security Link with LiU as project manager.

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For further information contact:

Peter Stenumgaard Övning Sthlm






Elina Ramsell new PhD student

Elina is working within CARER (LiU)

Mirsad Cirkic defends his PhD thesis at Feb 21th

Time: 1:15 pm, Local: Visionen, B-building, entrance 25.

Forum Securitatis PhD student Johan Sigholm debates in "Ny Teknik"

Link to article

TAMSEC 2013, Nov 13-14th

Call for abstracts

Forum Securitatis PhD student Johan Sigholm comments Edward Snowden case in Swedish Television

Link to the interview

Robin Keskisärkkä new PhD student

Workshop command & control 4-5 Nov.

Our annual workshop will this year be held in Linköping in cooperation with MSB, FHS and KMC. More info will come.

PhD student Johan Sigholm debates in "Ny Teknik"

Link to article.

Course: Development of Command & Control Systems for Crisis Management sept 24-25th

More information

Amy Rankin defends her licentiate thesis on May 24th

Place: Alan Turing at HCS (E-building). Time: 10-12 am.

Axel Israelsson new PhD student

Axel works with retrospective dosymetry at Linköping University.

Mirsad Čirkić quest researcher in France

Mirsad Čirkić visits Eurecom in France for three months guest research.

Dennis Andersson defends his licentiate thesis on May 31st

Place: Alan Turing, E-building. Time: 13:15 pm

Jonas Callmer defends his PhD thesis on June 5th

Place: Visionen, B-building. Time: 10:15 am

Heléne Nilsson defends her PhD thesis on Jan 25th

The thesis is entitled"Demand for Rapid and Accurate Regional Medical Response at Major Incidents" More info

Organization of special session at ISCRAM 2013

TAMSEC Nov 14th 2012

Programme TAMSEC

Workshop Resilience Engineering in Practice
FOI Kista 4-5 dec.

More info rogier.woltjer@foi.se

Workshop at MSB College Revinge 29-30 Oct.

Courses fall 2012

Q3: Swedish crisis management: Crisis leadership and coordination (7,5 ECTS)
Q4:Resilience Engineering for crisis management (2+4 hp)

Five of our PhD students participate in ISCRAM Summerschool 2012

Amy Rankin participates in disaster relief training in Iceland

TV-programme about the event.

Study visit at MSB June 28th

Study visit at the fire department in Linköping on June 21th

Per Skoglar defends his PhD thesis on June 7th

More info

Åsa Weinholt new PhD student

Åsa works at Linköping University.

Kristian Åslund new PhD student

Kristian works at the Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology in Linköping.

Kayvan Yousefi Mojir new PhD student

Kayvan works at Linköping University

Jonas Rybing new PhD student

Karin works at Linköping University

Mirko Thorstensson new PhD student

Mirko works at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Heléne Nilsson new PhD student

Heléne works at the Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology in Linköping.

Hanna Palmqvist new PhD student

Hanna works in the programme PRIVAD (Program for Risk and Vulnerability Analysis Development) at Lunds University.

Organization of special session at ISCRAM 2012

Magdalena Granåsen and Dennis Andersson organize the session Inter-Organizational Exercises and Operations at ISCRAM 2012, 22-25 April 2012, Vancouver, Canada.

Courses during 2012

See the courses planned for 2012 under courses.

Jonas Callmer guest researcher in the USA

Jonas visits Stanford Universityfor 3 months.

Mirsad Čirkić receives licentiate degree

at December 19th Mirsad Čirkić defende his licentiate thesis :"Optimization of Computational Resources for MIMO Detection"


Forum Securitatis co-organizer and participating at TAMSEC2011

Programme and proceedings

Workshop at MSB College Revinge 1-2 Nov.

More info: Rego Granlund rego.granlund@c3fire.org

Study visit at the The Land Warfare Centre, Skövde September 14th

More info: Rego Granlund rego.granlund@c3fire.org

Our PHD students awarded best paper and best poster at IS-2011

Christina Åkerlind and Karl-Göran Stenborg was awarded at the FOI conference IS-2011 at June 21 st. The research by Christina can be used for new camouflage technologies and the research by Karl-Göran can be used to trace the origin source of leaked electronic documents by the use of digital watermarks. Abstracts for the winning papers.

Study visit Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology (KMC) Linköping June 16th

More info: Rego Granlund rego.granlund@c3fire.org

Next course: Ethics, surveillance technologies and integrity (5 ECTS)

The course is planned for Q3 2011. More info under courses.

Jonas Callmer Licentiate degree

The Forum Securitatis PhD student Jonas Callmer presented his licentiate thesis at April 29.

ISCRAM Summerschool 2011

Focus on the Haiti earthquake. More info ISCRAM Summerschool 2011

Dennis Andersson guest researcher in USA

Our PhD student Dennis Andersson visits Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in USA as a guest researcher.

Forum Securitatis first to perform a lecture via the RAKEL system

Read more

Johan Sigholm debates in SVT

Read more 

Forum Securitatis participated in disaster-relief training

Four of our PhD students participated in a disaster-relief training in Frihamnen, Stockholm at September 23, 2010.

Forum Securitatis participated in Pacific Endeavour 2010

Our PhD student Johan Sigholm participated in Pacific Endeavour; a multi-nation humanitarian workshop in disaster relief coordination. 15 nations were involved together with severeal resources from the United Nations.

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