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Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Foto Nedzad Mesic.

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Agroetanol at Händelö outside Norrköping

Sustainability requires interdisciplinary science

Linköping University continues to work across boundaries. Six new professorships that drive world-leading sustainability research are the target for the research network “LiU Sustainable”.

LiU researchers Shimelis Admassie and Olle Inganäs with solar cells on a plastic roll

Capturing photons on a plastic roll

Solar cells printed on plastic foil and energy stored in wooden batteries. Two researchers from Linköping University have developed smart solutions for the earth’s energy supply.





LiU researchers discover fever’s origin

Fever is a response to inflammation, and is triggered by an onset of the signaling substance prostaglandin. Researchers at Linköping University can now see precisely where these substances are produced – a discovery that paves the way for smarter drugs.


Personality determines rooster status

A number of aspects of a rooster’s personality determine whether it will win a duel and gain high status within a group. This has been shown by research conducted by Linköping University’s Hanne Løvlie and other researchers.

ESS in Linköping

Neutron capture a new niche for Linköping

ESS – European Spallation Source – is a major project that has now been finalised, with construction to start in Lund this autumn. Important components in this supermicroscope are the neutron detectors, which will be manufactured in Linköping using unique technology.


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