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Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Foto Nedzad Mesic.


Alcohol addiction

The battle against drug cravings

Mental illness and addiction are growing problems the world over. Is there a way to halt this development? Linköping University is doing its part with a major new initiative.



DDT in the 1950s – obesity epidemic today

Could the current epidemic of obesity be traced back to spraying DDT in the 1950s? Entirely possible, according to epigenetics – the new branch of research that posits that acquired characteristics can be passed down from generation to generation. As a young researcher, Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna found himself sitting in a tight spot.






Tough to find alternatives to cumbersome UN negotiations

The United Nations’ climate change negotiations are sometimes criticised for inefficiency and meagre results. But there are no obvious alternatives, according to two researchers from LiU in a study published in Nature Climate Change.


New chance for silicon carbide LEDs

Research into white LEDs made from silicon carbide is gaining fresh impetus. It was the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) who acquired funding for the initiative that they are running in collaboration with LiU researcher Mikael Syväjärvi and others.

Peter Nyberg

New methods for drive cycles

Researchers at Linköping University have developed new methods of generating and transforming drive cycles. “A powerful and effective tool for vehicle development” says Peter Nyberg, who presents the methods in his doctoral thesis.


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