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Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Foto Nedzad Mesic.

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Agroetanol at Händelö outside Norrköping

Sustainability requires interdisciplinary science

Linköping University continues to work across boundaries. Six new professorships that drive world-leading sustainability research are the target for the research network “LiU Sustainable”.

LiU researchers Shimelis Admassie and Olle Inganäs with solar cells on a plastic roll

Capturing photons on a plastic roll

Solar cells printed on plastic foil and energy stored in wooden batteries. Two researchers from Linköping University have developed smart solutions for the earth’s energy supply.





computer vision

LiU researchers win global competition

Researchers at the LiU Computer Vision Laboratory came out victorious in an international competition with their method for tracking a moving object, such as a car or a face in a crowd. There are many applications for this method – the only limit is our imagination.

Mozhgan Zachrison

Learn Swedish or learn to be Swedish?

Swedish language instruction for adult immigrants focuses more on culture than on the language itself. This takes energy from language acquisition. The students are taught to be good Swedes, rather than learning Swedish, according to a new doctoral thesis at REMESO.

Bone medicine increases risk of rare fracture

Many older patients are given bisphosphonate for years to treat osteoporosis. But there is a risk that this treatment can lead to a rare type of fracture of the femur. After 4–5 years, the relative risk is over 100 times greater than for patients not receiving the treatment.


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