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Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Foto Nedzad Mesic.


gerhard andersson

Therapy online as good as face to face

Internet-delivered therapy is gaining ground – it has been proven helpful against arachnophobia, tinnitus and depression. At the forefront of this research field is LiU Professor Gerhard Andersson.


glass jars with seeds

Looking for history in seed DNA

The seeds in the glass jars are dead, but they have a story to tell. Due to the fact that DNA is protected by shells and cell walls researchers can now show a completely new picture of the evolution, history and spread of cultivated plants.






HIV virus in disguise tricks immune system

The HIV virus avoids the body’s immune cells by disguising itself using proteins that normally take part in the defence against infections. These are the findings of research conducted at the Division of Molecular Virology.

Exit sign

Roads to community in transgender film

Transgender people in films are often victims of violence and humiliation. Wibke Straube has written a thesis throwing light on films that give transgender people a moment of acceptance and hope for the future.

Gustav Bohlin

Text books deficient

Despite resistance to antibiotics being mentioned in the course objectives, five out of the six most common textbooks do not deal with the issue, as shown by two researchers from LiU who have been studying Swedish biology books.


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