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Klas Tybrandt, PhD

Organic Electronics, ITNKlasT

Klas Tybrandt, MSc in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering
Division of Organic Electronics

Department of Science and Technology
Linköping University
SE-60174 Norrköping

Office: +46 (0)11 363334
E-mail: klas.tybrandt@liu.se

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I’m interested in organic bioelectronics, in particular for electronically controlled delivery of ions and biomolecules to biological systems. Organic bioelectronics is often based on conjugated polymers, polyelectrolytes, polymer electrolytes, hydrogels and insulating polymers which can be combined into devices in order to achieve the desired functionality. The electronically active component is conjugated polymers, which are semiconductors in their pristine state but become metallic when doped. In organic bioelectronics doped conjugated polymers are often utilized due to their electrochemical properties, i.e. their redox state can be changed by injecting or extracting electronic charge from them. This makes them useful as electrode materials or materials for active surfaces. Also many doped conjugated polymers are soft and biocompatible. 

In my work I utilize conjugated polymers, polyelectrolytes and polymer electrolytes to make all plastic chips for controlled delivery of ions and biomolecules. More specifically I am interested in:

  • Ionic circuits for delivery of ions and biomolecules
  • Ion transistors and their applications within bioelectronics
  • Organic electronics for cell signalling applications



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