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LiU Biogas Research Centre up and running

The starting gun has gone off for the Biogas Research Centre (BRC), a centre of biogas competence at Linköping University, with a totally unique scope.

BiogastankningCreated at Linköping University, the Biogas Research Centre will provide a boost to the biogas industry. Through its unique scope and close collaboration between business, organisations and academia, the centre takes a holistic approach to the development of biogas.

The Swedish Energy Agency is supplying one third of the funds; the rest of the money comes from academia, business and other organisations.  The budget for the first two years is SEK 23 million (ca EUR 2.7 million) and the hope is for investment to shift up to SEK 21 million (ca EUR 2.4 million) per year for eight further years.

Participants include:

The centre is also backed by:

“Despite the enormous benefits to society of biogas solutions, profitability for the individual participants is limited. Broad cooperation is therefore necessary for a strong development of the biogas industry,” says Per Mårtensson, head of the Biogas Research Centre.

At the centre, researchers will work together with businesses to identify bottlenecks and find forward-thinking ways to strengthen the biogas industry.

A lot of research is being carried out within the field, both in Sweden and the rest of the world, but the sheer scope of BRC is unique. We are taking a holistic approach to micro-organisms, technology, finance, environment and social aspects; we are even looking at how biogas fits into the energy system,” Mårtensson explains.

Eight projects have been identified for the first two years; several research teams will cooperate with two or more companies in each project.

Five of the projects are investigative: evaluating methods of biogas extraction, for example, finding suitable new substrates or investigating how municipalities can work together to build sustainable energy systems. The other three will look at technology and process development, such as the possiblility to increase the exchange of gas in the substrate that we already have or how to best utilise the biofertiliser that is a by-product of the digestion process.

Six divisions from three departments at Linköping University are part of the centre:

Biology and Molecular Bio-Engineering from the Department of Physics Chemistry and Biology
Energy systems and Environmental Technology and Management from the Department of Management and Engineering
Technology and Social Change, and Water and Environmental Studies from the Department of Thematic Studies

Expectations concerning the Biogas Research Centre to produce results are great:

“The collaboration contributes to giving us better and more efficient utilisation of waste as vehicle fuel and a more efficient nutritional loop with the aid of biofertilisers. Collaboration in a national research and development initiative will lead to regional development.” Gunilla Nilsson, NSR Produktion AB

“We are greatly interested in several of the projects and wholeheartedly support the visions and goals of the Biogas Research Centre. We will contribute our competence and look forward to gaining both knowledge and experience.” Britt Nilsson, Kemira Kemi AB

“We can see great benefits from all the combined power and expertise in the Biogas Centre. Especially from all the ideas, synergies and new business possibilities we can develop together!” Tomas Kjellquist, Marketing and Development, Biototal

“Making use of energy that would otherwise contribute to climate change, finding better ways of using biofertilisers, and developing both the technology and finances of large and small biogas plants – these are important issues for us. We believe that the Biogas Centre in Linköping can contribute to this!” Anna Tiberg, Energy Business and Environment Unit, LRF

”We will be actively working for a Biogas Centre the can help create more efficient biogas processes, where substrates and technology are utilised in the best possible way.” Matti Vikkula, CEO, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB

“We are looking forward to being able to take a joint approach to biogas in a national centre. We want to contribute to a number of improvements in our industry through active participation.”  Peter Undén, CEO, Swedish Biogas International AB.

“A national centre of competence allows us to collect and use all the knowledge that exists among the participants. This creates very good conditions for the development of biogas and for meeting the challenges of the future.” Klas Gustafsson, Vice CEO, Tekniska verken.

“It has to be both exciting and productive for the municipality to work together with such a broad spectrum of researchers and people from the business world and industry. In particular, a biogas centre will put Linköping more firmly on the biogas map.” Muharrem Demirok, Municipal Commissioner for the Environment (C), Linköping Municipality.

For more information, contact
Per Mårtensson, Director, Biogas Research Centre +46 (0) 13 -28 69 85

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