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Dominic Wright

I am an assistant professor (FoAss) working principally with Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) mapping, with an aim to use this technique to look at a variety of different systems. I have worked with both zebrafish and chickens, and in both these study systems have used domesticated (or in the case of zebrafish, laboratory) strains crossed with wild-derived animals in order to identify the genetic components that separate these populations. These genetic loci can then be used to address a series of different question, outlined in brief below.


Genetics of behaviour

I am interested in the role of genetics in determining behavioural response in a variety of evolutionarily relevant behaviours. Using QTL studies in combination with wild and domestic populations it is possible to take advantage of the large selective differences to indicate genetic regions of interest in these traits and to more finely genetically dissect these characteristics.

Genetics of domestication

Domestication has been central to the advent of modern civilization, yet the underlying genetics still remain opaque. Most importantly, despite similar changes seen in numerous species, it is not clear if these are acting pleiotropically, or whether the changes are driven by linkage ‘modules’.

Genetics of a sexual ornament

As well as studying sexual ornaments for size, other aspects (including colour and morphology) can be analysed using QTL methods. In addition, classic mutations affecting the comb (pea comb mutation, rose comb mutation, etc) can also be mapped, with the possibility of mutation identification far greater in these cases. By identifying such mutations and the genes that they affect, the architecture of these traits can be looked at in greater detail than is often possible with conventional QTL analysis, whilst over-lapping regions between such mutation and QTL analyses can also aid in the discovery of quantitative trait nucleotides (QTNs).











Name: Dominic Wright
Title: Assistant Professor
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