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Upcoming dissertations

  • Joakim Munkhammar, Division of Solid State Physics/Engineering Science at Uppsala University, will defend his thesis "Distributed Photovoltaics, Household Electricity Use and Electric Vehicle Charging: Mathematical Modeling and System Studies" at the 27th of March 13.15, Polhemsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Uppsala University. ​
  • Linda Olsson, Energy Systems at Linköping University, will defend her thesis "Sociotechnical system studies of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from energy and transport systems" at the 8th of May 10.15, room ACAS, A-building, Linköping University. 
  • Maria Eidenskog, Department of Technology and Social Change at Linköping University, will defend her thesis "Caring for corporate sustainability" at the 13th of May 13.15, room Vallfarten, Linköping University. 


New publications

  • Olsson, L., Wetterlund, E., Söderström, M. Assessing the climate impact of district heating systems with combined heat and power production and industrial excess heat. Accepted for publication in Resources, Conservation & Recycling. 
  • Broberg Viklund, S., Lindkvist, E. Biogas production supported by excess heat - A systems analysis within the food industry. Accepted for publication in Energy Conversion and Management. 
  • Broberg Viklund, S., Karlsson, M. Industrial excess heat use: Systems analysis and CO2 emissions reduction. Accepted for publication in Applied Energy. 
  • Andersson, V., Jilvero, H., Franck, P.Å., Normann, F., Berntsson, T. Efficient utilization of industrial excess heat for post-combustion CO2 capture: An oil refinery sector case study. Accepted for publication in Energy Procedia. 
  • Maria T. Johansson. Improved energy efficiency within the Swedish steel industry - the importance of energy management and networkning. Accepted for publication in Energy Efficiency, 2014. DOI:10.1007/s12053-014-9317-z (2014-11-20)
  • Olsson, L., Hjalmarsson, L., Wikström, M., Larsson, M. Bridging the implementation gap: Combining backcasting and policy analysis to study renewable energy in urban road transport. Accepted for publication in Transport Policy, 2014.

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