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Upcoming dissertations & seminars

  • Maria Johansson, Energy Systems, LiU, will defend her thesis on thesis on the 29th of April

Title: "Improved Energy Efficiency and Fuel Substitution in the Iron and Steel Industry"

Time & place: 29th of april, 10.15 in ACAS, A-house, Campus Valla, Linköping University

  • Danica Djuric Illic, Energy systems, LiU, will defend her thesis on thesis on the 13th of June

Title: "With district heating towards a sustainable future - System studies of district heating and cooling interacting with power, transport and industrial sectors"

More information to come.

  • Anna Wallsten, Tema T, LiU, 60% seminar on the 17th of June 
  • Kersti Karltorp, Environmental systems analysis, Chalmers, will defend her thesis on thesis on the 3d of Oktober 

More information to come.  


Save the date - Autumn meeting 2014

The autumn meeting this year will take place the 21-22 of October. More information to come. We welcome both PES alumni and people active within PES to attend the meeting. 


New publications

  • Thollander, P., Glad, W., Rohdin, P., 2014. Exploring transactional analysis in relation to post-graduate supervision - a balancing process. Creative Education 5(4).

  • Broström, T., Eriksson, P., Liu, L., Rohdin, P., Ståhl, F., Moshfegh, B., 2014. A method to assess the potential for and consequences of energy retrofits in Swedish historic buildings. Accepterad för publicering i Historic Environment (special edition). 

  • Joakim Widén, 2014. Improved photovoltaic self-consumption with appliance scheduling in 200 single-family buildings. Accepterad för publicering i Applied Energy.

  • Brunke, J-C., Johansson, M., Thollander, P., 2014. Empirical investigation of barriers and drivers to the adoption of energy conservation measures, energy management practices and energy services in the Swedish iron and steel industry. Accepterad för publicering i Journal of Cleaner Production.

  • Johansson, D., Franck, P-Å., Pettersson, K., et al. (2013). Comparative study of Fischer-Tropsch production and post-combustion CO2 capture at an oil refinery: Economic evaluation and GHG (greenhouse gas emissions) balances. Energy. 59 p. 387-401. 
  • Wetterlund, E., Pettersson, K., Lundmark, R. et al., (2013). Optimal localization of next generation biofuel production in Sweden - Part II. Göteborg: the Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels (f3). 

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