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Learning and Knowledge – Basic Course in Higher Education Pedagogy, 6 credits

This course is mainly intended for those whose native language is not Swedish.

Teaching at LiU brings about some requirements concerning formal competences as a university teacher. The local requirements related to teaching in higher education are specified in ”anställningsordningen för LiU”. The course Learning and Knowledge is offered employees who have teaching tasks, for example PhD-students, who need/ want to gain competence according to the formal requirements. However, we assume that the course participants at least have some former experience from teaching at university level. More experienced teachers who want to broaden their perspectives, for example by meeting colleagues from other scientific fields and disciplines, are of course welcome as well.

The overall aim of the course is that the participants after the completion of the course have developed their competence as university teachers. An all pervading characteristic of the course relates to how university teachers can support student learning and encourage students to take an active part in their own learning.

All along the course assignments are conducted, individually or in small groups.

Some basic facts:

  • the number of courses offered during a year is related to demand
  • on the homepage one will find the courses coming up and also the dates. Those who apply for the course will be admitted continuously. Usually our courses are full before the last date for application!
  • in order to complete the course, within the intended time span, one must be able to work 160 hours with course related tasks during the course period
  • the participation is mandatory and active participation is assumed
  • in the time between the scheduled seminars at CUL individual as well as group-based tasks shall be conducted by the participants
  • after admittance, before the course starts, the participants will get further information via e-mail

Thoses who want to apply for the course you should consider the following in advance:

actual possibilities to take an active part in and complete the course, according to the understood prerequisites, due to other tasks and obligations

  • make sure that one will conduct teaching tasks during the course period since one module within the course builds on the premise that colleagues can visit teaching sessions in the local context
  • communicate expectation of the course related to the aims stated in the syllabus


Application form


Course 1402 - FULLY BOOKED!

Course days: August 25, September 10, October 2, October 22, November 11, December 1, January 14 (2015)

Room: CUL, Galaxen (G-house), Entrance 81, Campus Valla

Course leader: Peter Dalenius, peter.dalenius@liu.se
Course administration: Monika Samuelsson, monika.samuelsson@liu.se
Charge 5 500:-

Application form

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