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Cognitive Science at Linköping University

Linköping university together with the national research institutes and companies in the region comprise one of the most active areas for Cognitive Science research and education in Sweden.

Calendar for week 20 & 21

Date Time Title Speaker Room Note
20/5-22/5 KVIT 2015
Cognitive Science: The Science of Tomorrow
Sagateatern For attending and information see website.
20/5 13:15 Cognitive Processing Speed influences the ability to handle hearing aid digital signal processing during aided Speech Recognition in Noise Wycliffe Yumba I:206 HEAD-seminar. For abstract see invitation.
20/5 17-19 Assessing blood sugar levels in the diabetes consultation Leah Wingard KY21 For abstract see website.
21/5 10-16 Nigel Musk, Sally Boyd & Kajsa Ottesjö, Leah Wingard, Rizwan-ul Huq, Maziar Yazdan ESA, IKK Samtal- och interaktions-
seminariet (SIS). For more and latest information see website.
21/5 13:15-16:00 Assessment for learning practices Graham Hendry Didactium, G-huset For attendance see website.
21/5 13:15-15:00 Delaktighet i aktiviteter för personer med kognitiv och/eller psykisk funktionsnedsättning Anette Kjellberg K1, Kåkenhus Docent-föreläsning. För mer information och anmälan se hemsida.
22/5 10:00-16:30 Goals and objectives of mathematics education KY31 Linköping Spring Seminar in Mathematics Education. For more and latest information see website.
22/5 13:00 Online teaching practices. Sociomaterial matters in higher education settings Karin Bolldén I:101 Dissertation. For more and latest information see website.
25/5 13:15-15:00 Vårdval - vem är det bra för? Condradsalen, Hälsans Hus Öppet seminarium. Se inbjudan.
25/5 13:30-14:45 Belief in success among the unsuccessful Howard Aldrich Kopparhammaren 2, K0301, Norrköping IAS-seminarium. See website.
26/5 13:15 Next Generation Digital Libraries: Mining Our Own Scholarly Documents Min-Yen Kan Von Neumann, B-huset Abstract.
27/5 15:15 Improving Web 2.0 Recommendation Leveraging User Comments via Latent Model Regularization Min-Yen Kan Visionen, B-huset IDA Machine Learning Seminars. Abstract.
28/5 13:30-15:00 Diskussiongrupp: Mechanism-based explanation and illusion of depth of understanding Kopparhammaren 2, rum 3054, Norrköping IAS-seminarium. See website.

For previous and upcoming seminars, see Event calendar

Featured Research

The Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems Division (AIICS)

The main focus of interest for the AIICS division is artificial intelligence and its application to intelligent artifacts. Intelligent artifacts are defined as man-made physical systems containing computational equipment and software that provide them with capabilities for receiving and comprehending sensory data, for reasoning, and for rational action in their environment. Examples of such artifacts range from PDAs and software agents to ground and aerial robots (UAVs and UGVs). An equally important focus is the development of integrated systems which include hardware, software, sensors and human users.

Research topics of current interest include the following: Multi-Agent Systems, Planning and Diagonosis, Cognitive Robotics, Applied Logic, Autonomous Systems, Perception and Control.


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