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Cognitive Science at Linköping University

Linköping university together with the national research institutes and companies in the region comprise one of the most active areas for Cognitive Science research and education in Sweden.

Calendar for week 35 & 36

Date Time Title Speaker Room Note
27/8 10-12 Skrattandets former och interaktiva organisation på en svensk förskola Mats Andrén Lethe, Tema-huset SIS-seminar. For more information see calendar.
2/9 17-19 From action to culture. The concept of practice in the analysis of leave-taking Juliane Schröter KY21, Hus Key For more information see calendar.

For previous and upcoming seminars, see Event calendar

Featured Research

Swedish institute for disability research (SIDR)

Our work covers many different topics, with a particular focus on three areas within the field of disability research:

-Work and occupation
-Communication - with a particular focus on hearing and deafness
-Human development and functionality in everyday life

Our work is divided between our partners and their research environments:

-CHILD at Jönköping University
-Linnaeus Centre HEAD and HEAD graduate school at Linköpings University
-Örebro University and Audiological research centre in Örebro

Visit SIDR

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