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Cognitive Science at Linköping University

Linköping university together with the national research institutes and companies in the region comprise one of the most active areas for Cognitive Science research and education in Sweden.

Calendar for week 50 & 51

Date Time Title Speaker Room Note
10/12 12:15-13:00 Bildningsvägar inom svensk politik Henrik Nordvall I:101 IBLs lunchföreläsningar. For more and latest information see their website.
10/12 15:15 Discovering, Modeling, and Predicting Task-by-Task Behaviour of Search Engine Users Salvatore Orlando Visionen IDA Machine Learning Seminars. For more and latest information see their website.
11/12 10:15 Research towards a systematic signature discovery process Nathan Baker Alan Turing For more information see invitation.
17/12 08:30-11:20 Why is design increasing the probability of a product becoming technically and commercially successful? Andre Liem, Anders Warell, Renee Wever A32 Provföreläsning Professor i Industriell Design.
18/12 11:15-12:00 Using social robots in therapy for kids with autism Tom Ziemke Alan Turing HCS-seminarium. For abstract see invitation.

For previous and upcoming seminars, see Event calendar

Featured Research

Laboratory for Cognition, Interaction and Language Technology (CILTLab)

CILTLab is a research group that works on natural language processing (NLP) and related areas of cognitive science. The group was formed in 1986. Currently we are eighteen researchers and graduate students (see people) with interests spanning both theoretical and applied areas of NLP. Our current work is focused on dialogue systems and computer-aided translation.

CILTLab is connected to the department of Human-Centered Systems (HCS).

Visit CILTLab

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