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LiU Alumni – update and keep the competitive edge

The students of LiU come from all over the world and our alumni can be found on every continent. They are making dream works in Hollywood, building higher education in Rwanda, doing business in London, introducing biogas in Chennai in India and developing software in Shanghai, just to name a few. They are all bringing new knowledge and expertise to society. Fostering wealth and sustainable development is the core mission of LiU. Our alumni are at the center of this.


Take Off for Your Career

Your network is your future. By signing up as a member of LiU Alumni you will gain access to a large network of potential professional and social contacts, all of whom are former students of LiU. Regardless of whether you’re job hunting, in need of fresh talent for your company or just curious about what other former students have gone on to work with after their degree, LiU Alumni provides you with a forum where you can make the right connection.

As a former student you also have a stake in LiU’s reputation. Through building closer ties to its alumni LiU hopes to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with its best ambassadors!

Are you about to finish your studies? Become a member of the LiU Alumni network to keep in touch with your LiU friends and find new valuable contacts.



We look forward to meeting our international alumni at our upcoming event 8 October in Guadalajara, Mexico. For more information, please contact Margareta Alfredson.


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Inspired by LiU (jenwi76, 2014-09-04)

Guest blogger: Omran Alameri from Jordan, LiU-alumnus with a Master’s Degree in Medical Biosciences Many years ago throughout my senior year in school, I was curious of how scientists are able to derive, deduce and test their theories, which has then formulated my ambition toward science, especially [...]

To fulfill dreams (Catrin, 2014-06-30)

Guest blogger: Yan Zhao from China, alumna with a Master’s Degree of Arts in Language and Culture. For me, Linkoping University is not only a place where I got my Master’s Degree, but also a place that fulfill my dream and a turning point of my whole life. Without exaggeration, Linkoping University [...]

Cold cold days in Linkoping (Catrin, 2014-06-09)

Guest blogger: Abdul Lattif Adam, Ghana, LiU-alumnus from Masters program in International and European relations. I have always dream of studying abroad. But I knew this is just a dream, for studying abroad is reserved for the rich and the affluence in my part of the world. However, when a friend [...]

“Alumni stories 2014″ winner! (Catrin, 2014-06-03)

Guest blogger: Jesus Mascareno, Mexico. Jesus is a LiU-alumnus from Strategy and Management in International Organizations (SMIO) Master´s Program and also the winner of “Alumni Stories Competition 2014”. The acceptance to the Strategy and Management in International Organizations (SMIO) program at [...]

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Alumni Stories Competition

Alumni Stories Competition

Farewell Ceremony

FarewellFestive annual ceremony for students graduating from international master's programmes

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LiU News


Bone medicine increases risk of rare fracture

Many older patients are given bisphosphonate for years to treat osteoporosis. But there is a risk that this treatment can lead to a rare type of fracture of the femur. After 4–5 years, the relative risk is over 100 times greater than for patients not receiving the treatment.

Intercourse pain can lead to childlessness

Women who suffer from pain during sexual intercourse more often remain childless than women on average. And sufferers who do have children more often deliver by caesarean section and run a higher risk of tearing during childbirth, according to a large register study conducted at Linköping University.

LiU researchers discover fever’s origin

Fever is a response to inflammation, and is triggered by an onset of the signaling substance prostaglandin. Researchers at Linköping University can now see precisely where these substances are produced – a discovery that paves the way for smarter drugs.

Major conference on pattern recognition

Pattern recognition is a rapidly growing research field, with many important applications. Next week some 1100 researchers will come to Sweden for the conference ICPR. Magnus Borga, professor from Linköping University, is general chair of the organizing committee.

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