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LiU Alumni – update and keep the competitive edge

The students of LiU come from all over the world and our alumni can be found on every continent. They are making dream works in Hollywood, building higher education in Rwanda, doing business in London, introducing biogas in Chennai in India and developing software in Shanghai, just to name a few. They are all bringing new knowledge and expertise to society. Fostering wealth and sustainable development is the core mission of LiU. Our alumni are at the center of this.

Your network is your future. By signing up as a member of LiU Alumni you will gain access to a large network of potential professional and social contacts, all of whom are former students of LiU. Regardless of whether you’re job hunting, in need of fresh talent for your company or just curious about what other former students have gone on to work with after their degree, LiU Alumni provides you with a forum where you can make the right connection.

As a former student you also have a stake in LiU’s reputation. Through building closer ties to its alumni LiU hopes to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with its best ambassadors!

A Take Off for Your Career

Are you about to finish your studies? Become a member of the LiU Alumni network to keep in touch with your LiU friends and find new valuable contacts.

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International Alumni Blog

To the International Alumni Blog

Globally connecting the dots (Catrin, 2014-01-16)

Guest blog-post from Henrik Järleskog, LiU-alumn from Maskinteknik Some months ago I humbly pinched myself whilst approaching O’Hare just before midnight, inbound from Knoxville Tennessee in a Boeing B757. At my feet, the “Windy City” of Chicago with its low pressure sodium vapor lights created a giant yellow patchwork that reminded me on how we […]

What does a mathematician do? (Catrin, 2013-12-12)

Guest blog-post by Natalie Selin, LiU-alumn from Matematikprogrammet SvD recently posted a ranking over the least stressful and highest paying jobs. The job as a mathematician tops the list. And the natural question is, where can you find these mathematicians? I’ve just come back home from an evening dinner celebrating one of our friends who has just […]

Find myself – A Sweet Angel, or A Mischievous Devil? (Catrin, 2013-10-28)

Guest blogger: Wen Liang who is originally from China and is a LiU-alumnus from Master Program – Medical Biosciences in Linköping. I am a little Chinese girl. When I was a child, I never imagine how far I am away from my hometown, and how different I am from the start of my life. Step by […]


LiU News


Silje Lundgren

Gender research excels in new collaboration

Six years of collaboration between gender researchers at Linköping and Örebro Universities has gained a permanent successor in the form of the GEXcel International Collegium.


Many genes behind the chicken’s comb

The red combs of roosters and hens are well-known examples of sexual ornamentation – decorations that attract a partner for reproduction. But in order for the strategy to work over the long term, the ornament has to be linked to a characteristic that gives an advantage in the struggle for existence.

New popular science videos

In a number of recently made popular science videos, LiU researchers talk about how they design new materials, advance animal husbandry and contribute to better nursing, among other things. The films are shown on the LiU website.

Matthias Fischer and Hirooki Fujiwara

Agreement with Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling Europe and Linköping University’s Department of Management and Engineering recently signed an agreement for a long-term strategic collaboration.

The Alumni Network

The Alumni network

Alumni Stories Competition

Alumni Stories Competition


Farewell Ceremony 2012

Festive annual ceremony for students graduating from international master's programmes.

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