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Åtta LiU magasin utspriddaLiU magazine

LiU magazine is the alumni magazine of Linköping University.

The magazine covers the latest research as well as the present activities of former students. There are 4 issues/year, of which one is in English.

Want to get LiU magasin?

Register/loginLiU magasin is sent to Linköping University alumus who are members of the LiU Alumni Network, and to LiU employee.
Are you a LiU alumus, but not a member of the network?

You can become a member of the LiU Alumni network here:

Membership is free of charge. As a member you receive LiU magasin in the post. As well as news about the university and a good platform for keeping in touch with your old classmates.

If you´re not a network member, you can still request a subscription. It´s free of charge. Just send a mail to:alumni@liu.se


Latest Magazine

Latest magazine in English

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LiU Magazine 2-14 (in English)
LiU Magasin 1-14 (in Swedish)



LiU Magasin 4-13 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 3-13 (in Swedish)
LiU Magazine 2-13 (in English)
LiU Magasin 1-13 (in Swedish)



LiU Magasin 4-12 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 3-12 (in Swedish)

LiU Magazine 2-12 (in English)
LiU Magasin 1-12 (in Swedish)



LiU Magazine 4-11 (in Swedish)
LiU Magazine 3-11 (in Swedish)
LiU Magazine 2-11 (in English)
LiU Magasin 1-11 (in Swedish)



LiU Magasin 4-10 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 3-10 (in Swedish)
LiU Magazine 2-10 (in English)
LiU Magasin 1-10 (in Swedish)



LiU Magasin 4-09 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 3-09 (in Swedish)
LiU Magazine 2-09 (in English)
LiU Magasin 1-09 (in Swedish)



LiU Magasin 4-08 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 3-08 (in Swedish)
LiU Magazine 2-08 (in English)
LiU Magasin 1-08 (in Swedish)



LiU Magasin 4-07 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 3-07 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 2-07 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 1-07 (in Swedish)



LiU Magasin 4-06 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 3-06 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 2-06 (in Swedish)
LiU Magasin 1-06 (in Swedish)




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Last updated: 2014-08-15