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The students of Linköping University (LiU) come from all over the world and you, our alumni, can be found on every continent. You are making dream works in Hollywood, building higher education in Rwanda, doing business in London, introducing biogas in Chennai and developing software in Shanghai, just to name a few. You are all bringing new knowledge and expertise to society. Fostering wealth and sustainable development is the core mission of LiU. Our alumni are at the center of this.

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Future events

  • 2 October Alumni event in London
  • 2 November Alumni event in Singapore

For information about these and other upcoming international alumni events, please contact Margareta Alfredson.


Alumni event in Seoul
Our latest international alumni event in Seoul, 22 April 2015.

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"Linköping university gave me the tools"

One of our international alumni, Mr Jesus Mascareno, shares his experience.


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Welcome all new international alumni! (Maria Karlberg, 2015-06-12)

Yesterday, we said goodbye to the international master’s graduates at Linköping University’s annual Farewell Ceremony. And, more importantly, welcomed all our new alumni! It was a fine summer’s day and many graduates had families joining them from around the globe. During the ceremony, the graduates [...]

10 Ways to Succeed as a Young Professional (Maria Karlberg, 2015-05-19)

Guest blogger: Juliette Ramberg de Ruyter, Sweden, LiU alumna with a Master of Arts in Education I graduated from Linköping University fall 2014 with a Master of Arts in Education and decided to try my academic wings internationally. Two weeks later I found myself working for the biggest NGO in the [...]

LiU celebrates 40th anniversary! (Maria Karlberg, 2015-05-13)

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Linköping getting its university. It was on 28 May, 1975 that the university was inaugurated, as the sixth in Sweden. Celebrations start in May and will continue throughout the year. Events like the Student Orchestra Festival (SOF), the Commencement Ceremony [...]

Alumni met in Brussels (Maria Karlberg, 2015-04-20)

Our latest international alumni event took place in Brussels on 16 April. Alumni from innovative universities all over Europe, including Linköping University, were invited. About 70 people joined, 13 of them LiU alumni. The event was organised by ECIU (The European Consortium for Innovative [...]

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Farewell Ceremony

FarewellFestive annual ceremony for students graduating from international master's programmes

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LiU News


Campus Norrköping

Jubilee celebrations continue

Celebrations to mark the 40 year anniversary of Linköping University will be continuing in the autumn with a variety of activities. The biggest event will be a jubilee science congress in Norrköping.

Sign about new student rooms

Difficult but not impossible

The accommodation situation for students at LiU is difficult but not impossible. Demand has levelled out. And several hundred new apartments are expected within the next few years.

Igor Abrikosov and Marcus Ekholm

Record-high pressure reveals secrets of matter

At extremely high pressure even the innermost electrons in the atomic nuclei of the metal osmium begin to interact with each other, a phenomenon never witnessed before. The findings have been published in Nature.

Mad cow disease

Blocked prions can prevent cell death

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, mad cow disease and scrapie are brain diseases for which there is currently no cure. But now, with the aid of a particular molecule, LiU researchers may be able to prevent destructive prions causing cell death in the brain. This could pave the way for a cure.

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