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The students of Linköping University (LiU) come from all over the world and you, our alumni, can be found on every continent. You are making dream works in Hollywood, building higher education in Rwanda, doing business in London, introducing biogas in Chennai and developing software in Shanghai, just to name a few. You are all bringing new knowledge and expertise to society. Fostering wealth and sustainable development is the core mission of LiU. Our alumni are at the center of this.

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We look forward to meeting our international alumni at our upcoming events:

  • 23 October in Beijing, China
  • 28 October in Guangzhou, China
  • 7 November in Jakarta, Indonesia

For more information, please contact Margareta Alfredson.


"Linköping university gave me the tools"

One of our international alumni, Mr Jesus Mascareno, shares his experience.


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Experiences from Cooking to Aircraft Systems (jenwi76, 2014-10-16)

Guest blogger: Don Chuenprapai, Thailand, LiU-alumnus from Master’s program in aircraft systems engineering My name is Flight Lieutenant Don Chuenprapai, who got the Thailand Gripen’s scholarship and studied in Aircraft Systems Engineering in the Flumes Division. I have been working for the Royal [...]

Drizzling in the Rain and Thinking of Sunshine in the Snow (jenwi76, 2014-10-02)

Guest blogger: Nandita Farhad, Bangladesh, alumna from Strategy and Management in International Organizations (SMIO) Master´s Program It is a usual gloomy day here in England, at a very small town called Guildford. Bells are ringing in the modern gothic style cathedral at the top of the hill close [...]

Moments of Truth (jenwi76, 2014-09-18)

Guest blogger: Lu Xu from China, a LiU-alumna from Strategy and Management in International Organizations (SMIO) Master´s Program I really enjoy watching the recent American TV series called “Once Upon A Time”. In a world full of imagination and magic, travelling and transferring between different [...]

Inspired by LiU (jenwi76, 2014-09-04)

Guest blogger: Omran Alameri from Jordan, LiU-alumnus with a Master’s Degree in Medical Biosciences Many years ago throughout my senior year in school, I was curious of how scientists are able to derive, deduce and test their theories, which has then formulated my ambition toward science, especially [...]

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Farewell Ceremony

FarewellFestive annual ceremony for students graduating from international master's programmes

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LiU News


Environmental Change sign in the Tema Building

Environmental Change has found its form

It’s time to formally open the Unit of Environmental Change at the Department of Thematic Studies. It starts on 16 October with the first ever ”Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Change”, a series of public lectures presented by leading environmental researchers.

Old hands

Conference on dementia and relations

A conference on dementia research takes place in Norrköping from 15 to 17 October.

Defective gene renders diarrhoea vaccine ineffective

Every year rotavirus causes half a million diarrhoea-related deaths amongst children in developing countries. Existing vaccines provide poor protection. The reason could be a widespread genetic resistance amongst children, according to virologists at Linköping University.

Signing the agreement

Collaboration with leading university

A new agreement between Linköping University and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore paves the way for a new type of postgraduate education and strengthens existing collaboration.

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