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The EU's role in the refugee crisis

Refugee crisisRight now, Professor of Political Science Peo Hansen is up to his ears in national and international media, who want to interview him about the what's going on in Europe.
"Everyone’s calling for European solutions, but the EU itself is part of the problem; that’s why it’s not easy to find a solution," he says.

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LiU climbs world uni ranking 

International students on their way to Farewell Day 2012Linköping University continues its climb in the Times Higher Education ranking. LiU now ranks amongst the 300 best universities in the world and has made a huge jump up from last year’s placing at 360. 

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Social Media Screening

7 Oct

Seminar and webcast: Social Media Screening for early detection of criminality. There are many ways in which social media is used for doubtful or criminal purposes. A number of security-related cases in which web and social media analysis techniques have been applied will be presented, together with a discussion on ethical and legal issues.   

Location: Athena, Key Building, Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Christina Grönwall 


LiU 40 years

21 Oct

Anniversary symposia with profs Mathias Uhlén, Stefan Thor and Jari Kinaret.

Location: Planck, Physics Building, Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Stefan Klintström 




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