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Whose kidney is it?

transplantationMedicine, technology and research enable us to pass on our bodies, or parts of them, to other people. But there is currently no adequate way of looking at this type of giving. An act of donation isn’t over just because the organ has changed bodies. This is according to two researchers from Linköping University.

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Interest in animal transports


Less spread of contagion, improved welfare for animals, fewer carbon dioxide emissions and higher corporate profits. The model for animal transports that LiU researchers have developed has roused strong interest from both international agencies and commercial businesses.

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HURS 2016

18 March

Health University Research Symposium (HURS) organised by DOMFIL, the PhD organisation at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The day consists of guest lectures from leading researchers, presentations by doctoral students and a life-science company exhibition.

Location: Building 511, entrance 78, University Hospital Campus

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