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New possibility of treating Alzheimer's

Ann-Christin Brorsson o Katarina KågedalA protein that is part of our innate immune system – lysozyme – could be used to treat and diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, as shown by new research results at Linköping University. "Most are still in agreement that the protein beta-amyloid, which forms harmful accumulations in the brain, has a central role," says Reader Katarina Kågedal (right), who has conducted the study together with Ann-Christin Brorsson.

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Growing seeds of cultural studies

PlantWe live in nature, and nature lives in us. This is one of the ideas behind The Seed Box, a new collaboration between gender studies and environmental humanities at LiU that recently received SEK 40 million in funding. With a focus on transdisciplinarity, it will engage researchers from 13 universities, as well as several artists.

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Social Media Screening

7 Oct

Seminar and webcast: Social Media Screening for early detection of criminality. There are many ways in which social media is used for doubtful or criminal purposes. A number of security-related cases in which web and social media analysis techniques have been applied will be presented, together with a discussion on ethical and legal issues.   

Location: Athena, Key Building, Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Christina Grönwall 


LiU 40 years

21 Oct

Anniversary symposia with profs Mathias Uhlén, Stefan Thor and Jari Kinaret.

Location: Planck, Physics Building, Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Stefan Klintström 




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