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Global warming will be faster than expected

Global warmingGlobal warming will progress faster than what was previously believed. The reason is that greenhouse gas emissions that arise naturally are also affected by increased temperatures. This has been confirmed in a new study from Linköping University that measures natural methane emissions.

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They create electronic plants

En organisk elektronik-rosUsing semi-conductive polymers, both analog and digital electronic circuits can be created inside living flowers, bushes and trees, as researchers at Linköping University Laboratory for Organic Electronics have shown. "Now we can really start talking about ‘power plants’. Everything occurs naturally, and we use the plants’ own very advanced, unique systems," says Professor Magnus Berggren.

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2-5 Dec

Students at the bachelor programme handicrafts and design are selling handmade and personal christmas gifts. 19 different crafters with everything from ceramics, metallics, textiles and woodworks are exhibiting their works.

Location: Key Building, Campus Valla (2-4 Dec) and Hemslöjden, Storgatan 41, Linköping (5 Dec) 

For more info contact:
Ami Jammeh 070-227 64 41


Advent concert

6 Dec

Advent concert with Chorus Lin, Linköping’s mixed student choir, at St. Lars Church, Linköping. Free admission. Conductor: Anna-Carin Strand.

Location: St. Lars Church, Linköping

For more info contact:
pr@choruslin.se 070-822 16 08




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