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Outdoor education in the shadow of Fukushima

Brand i FukushimaThere is interest in outdoor education among pre-school teachers in Japan. But after the 2011 Fukushima earthquake, the pre-school teachers are faced with new problems when using outdoor education. "The children at my pre-school are only permitted to be outdoors for 45 minutes per day due to radiation in the ground,” says one of the Japanese educationalists who recently visited LiU.

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LiU research for super-fast 5G

Typical base station of today. Photo: iStockphoto.

Telecoms companies around the world are gearing up for the next generation of mobile telecommunications. A lot of research and technological development remains to be done, and at LiU there is leading-edge competence. "Our research is visionary and is placed just right," says Erik G Larsson, professor of communications, who is leading technological development in multiple-antenna systems, a technique that is super “hot” in the rapid development towards 5G.

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IDAY 2015

10 April

The International Students Association (ISA) welcomes you to celebrate International Day (IDAY) - the biggest international student festival in the region, this year celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Location: Linköping University

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Dialogues on...

27-28 April

... the intersections of postcolonialism and postsocialism in the present-day complex geopolitical climate. Conference which aims to bring together a diverse group of international scholars working in the fields of postcolonial and postsocialist gender.

Location: Tema, Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Redi Koobak




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