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Schizophrenia gene traced in chicken study


Mood-based disorders are one of the top-ten causes of disability worldwide. However the genes underpinning these disorders have proven to be remarkably elusive. To try and identify such genes, researchers at Linköping University have used the process of domestication to help shed light on the problem.

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LiU students gets jobs fastest

Studenter studerar

Students at Linköping University establish themselves the most quickly on the labour market, as shown in a recent report from UKÄ, the Swedish Higher Education Authority. LiU shares first place with Örebro University among the major, established higher education institutions..

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HURS 2016

18 March

Health University Research Symposium (HURS) organised by DOMFIL, the PhD organisation at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The day consists of guest lectures from leading researchers, presentations by doctoral students and a life-science company exhibition.

Location: Building 511, entrance 78, University Hospital Campus

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