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Twice as big, twice as strong

Soppåsar på rullband för sorteringThe Biogas Research Center, based at Linköping University, has received continued support from the Swedish Energy Agency, local governments and the business sector. It has secured further funding of SEK 80 million for the coming four years. Currently the stakeholders number 22. Researchers from LiU from three departments and seven divisions are involved.

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Saab rewards security research

Simin Nadjm-TehraniSimin Nadjm-Tehrani is a computer science researcher at LiU who is always one step ahead. She is receiving the Åke Svensson scholarship for her research breakthroughs on the development of reliable computer systems for security-critical applications, and for her work on accessibility to communications systems in the event of crises that threaten the public security.

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Reward anticipation

15 January

Seminar: Reward anticipation: Chickens can tell what they want and how strongly they want it. Randi Oppermann, associate professor in animal welfare at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Location: Fysikhuset Building,
Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Nathaniel D. Robinson
013-28 22 12


CSPR seminar

26 February

Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research (CSPR) seminar: Climate change in the classroom. Per Gyberg from Tema M will present insights from the on-going research project “Sustainable development as an area of knowledge – the education system's role in bringing up the future citizens”.

Location: Lethe, Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Ingrid Leo



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