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Labour migration on the agenda

Labour migrationLiU Professor Peo Hansen recently attended an OECD meeting on the EU’s policy for labour migration to Europe. "Alongside the huge debate on the refugee issue in Europe, there is also the discussion on labour migration. It’s about growth and competitiveness and a demographic trend with an increasingly aged population in Europe. According to figures, 25 million more people are needed for work in the EU countries up to 2020."

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The battle against drug cravings

Alcohol addiction

Mental illness and addiction are growing problems the world over. Is there a way to halt this development? LiU is doing its part with a major new initiative. With major funding from the Swedish Research Council, LiU and Region Östergötland Professor Markus Heilig is building a centre for neuroscientific research.





27-31 July

Summer school in advanced cytometry. Emphasis on practical interaction with the iCys equipment, under the supervision of a skilled operator. Course participants will also become familiar with the theory of flow cytometry, laser-scanning cytometry, TIRF-microscopy and with examples of other equipment used for cell cytometry.

Location: Linköping

For more info contact:
Emillia Wiechec 


Migration policy

30 Sep

Seminar with Professor Peo Hansen, REMESO/ISV: The European Unions external labour migration policy: rationale, objectives, approaches and results, 1999-2014.

Location: B533, B Building, Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Branka Likic Brboric 




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