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Who's who in the climate change debate?

Rök ur skorstenIndustrial fatalist, green Keynesian, eco-socialist or climate change sceptic? A new book from Jonas Anshelm, researcher at Linköping University, clarifies who’s who in the climate debate.
"For the uninitiated, the climate debate can seem complicated. We wanted to clarify how the various positions relate to each other, and which views they share and don’t share," he says.

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40 million to the green humanities

sopor på strandLinköping University has been awarded another SEK 20 million to create a world-leading programme in interdisciplinary social and environmental research. Thirteen national and international universities are taking part in the overall programme that will work on cross-disciplinary research projects.

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HURS 2015

13 March

Research symposium at the Faculty of Health Sciences bringing forward medical research conducted in Linköping. Internationally leading researchers will be highlighted and present their research.

Location: Glasentrén, University Hospital Campus

For more info contact:
DOMFIL (PhD organisation)


Dialogues on...

27-28 April

... the intersections of postcolonialism and postsocialism in the present-day complex geopolitical climate. Conference which aims to bring together a diverse group of international scholars working in the fields of postcolonial and postsocialist gender.

Location: Tema, Campus Valla

For more info contact:
Redi Koobak




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